Saturday, January 9, 2016

King Neil escapes again

Mcfarlane is the undisputed champion of finding ways to blame everything that happens at "his" agency on other people.

Problems with his employees, he goes out and hires a professional hit-man, RANDY STEDMEN. Mcfarlane can now pretend that he is Mr Nice guy even though Stedmen gets his direction from him.

In the case of his failing transit operations, he went out and dug up his old buddy BOB NELSON  to take all the heat for all the operations failures.

Well Good old Bob decided to get out of town lately most likely because things just got worse and worse since he got there. So Mcfarlane got this new guy from Canada DOUG  KELSEY. Well Doug was basically BOOTED OUT OF CANADA after the defeat of the transit referendum up there and good old Neil hired him for Trimet.

Today we have the OREGONIAN STORY about how max reliability is down the tubes and guess what? We have good old Doug taking the heat for all the MAX screw ups and once again Neil Mcfarlane is off the hook.

King Neil is in charge but all he wants to do is sit on the throne and be adored by all his minions. Heaven forbid he should have to take any responsibility for anything that screws up during his reign.

And the mainstream media gives him a pass, as usual.

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