Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trimet seeking new tax streams

This is certainly not surprising. Trimet never wants to stop expanding and apparently they don't want to risk public shame by attempting another voter referendum

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney has submitted a bill for the coming Short Legislative Session to bail out TriMet with a new 
withholding tax on workers.            
The Bill, if passed and signed by the Governor, will deliver to TriMet a new revenue stream providing billions in borrowing capacity.
It's dishonestly written with a phony limiting of the funds to be spent on  

(1) Enhancing the frequency of bus service; 
(2) Acquisition of buses;     
(3) Bus service expansion; or 
(4) Maintenance and operations of buses.
However, all TriMet need do is re-direct current bus funding funds into debt servicing of Light Rail or BRT and no need for voters or a return to the legislature for bonding. 

Will this bill pass with only Democrat votes?

MAX- the bigger the system gets the worse it operates- performance is at an all time low. 

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