Friday, June 19, 2015

Trimet's case against Lane Jensen has been dismissed

Trimet used this phony case to ban Lane from Trimet board meetings after he got Tiffany Swietzer thrown off the board
Trimet is no stranger to breaking rules and violating laws. Trimet officials do what they want  because there is no mechanism in place to hold any of them accountable.

 In one of the more egregious examples  of  rogue governmental power Trimet concocted a phony harassment case against Lane Jensen after he sent  Roberta Alsdadt repeated text messages asking about Trimet driver safety.

Alsdadt claimed she was scared of Lane but anyone who had been following events knew that she was lying and the case was a fraud. Lane was thrown in Jail twice . The first time  3 armed transit police dragged him from his workplace. He was booked and released. The second time he was arrested and thrown in jail because he talked about Aldstadt in a podcast.  Bail was set at a ridiculously high $46,000.

You can read all about the case HERE
Alsdadt has always been the one selected by the Trimet top executives to do their dirty work and she complied with this phony case against Lane Jensen. She appeared at the court hearing in an attempt to stop the charges from being dismissed but the court would have none of her bullshit this time around.

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Al M said...

And sometimes American justice does work.