Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three Trimet hacks who are not happy tonight

Shelly Lomax had a far to cozy relationship with Bruce. Shirley was actually subordinate to Shelly and now assumes a position of equality with Lomax. Lomax can't  happy about that!
Randy Stedmen was the target of multiple attacks by Shirley Block. Block has very little use for Stedmen and Stedmen knows it.
Good old Jay Jackson, Mr Company man himself. It's pretty well known that Jackson was among Shirley's least favorite people. I'm sure that smile is wiped off his arrogant face now.

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Anonymous said...

These (3) horsemen are probably most of the reason why Trimet has so many interrnal problems. Now is the time to stop repeating the same historical mistakes you made yesterday and cut these (3) bullies loose; if they are as good at what they do as they want to appear, none of them will have any trouble finding re-employment.