Monday, June 15, 2015

Trimet needs bus drivers!

Seen at Trimet transit centers!

Listen to the four examples of  real life situations.
Situation #3
Situation #4 
If you think you are up for the job apply HERE!


wade said...

The cool thing about trimet is that it truly is a diverse company to work for ( gays transgenders blacks and Asians white Jewish people Muslims Christians heterosexuals people can't walk five feet without a walker or a cane Hell Lane jenson could have got a job at TMET had he not been a douch....

Unknown said...

True, and they need these why?

A Bus Driver said...

These ads are highly offensive. So black operator has "Street Smarts" and a female operator is doing a man's job? Wow.

Anonymous said...

You ever notice how many Oscar the grouch tweakers and miss piggy we pick up. It's night mare on sesame Street