Thursday, June 11, 2015

Classic Trimet screw up

As someone who actually drove the 20 I had to  laugh when this driver turned on Tichner and kept going up toward the zoo. That's a classic Trimet fuck up. Trimet sends drivers on routes that they don't have the foggiest notion of where it goes. This kind of thing is common at the Trimess. Hell when I started working there I had no clue where anything was. Horrible feeling to be driving around in a 40 foot bus without the slightest clue where you're going.
This was a monumental signup for lost drivers. 
More tweets and dispatch calls than ever before.

She drove up Marconi street and realized that she was going the wrong way finally.

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Anonymous said...

This seems a demonstratoin of new hires. Not trimet fail. That said, this is a failure of trimet to hire more folks when the hiring freeze was going on. they waited too long to hire more. Catch up is needed.