Sunday, June 7, 2015

TriMet undersells service, misleads riders

Specifically, the last time point listed for the evening trips is NE 12th & Sandy, and many riders looking at the schedule would assume that that's the last stop on those trips.  The fact that one trip (at 6:24 PM) is showing as ending at NE 11th & Holladay furthers this appearance (unlike the others, it goes to the garage afterwards and takes a different route)   However, those trips actually do continue on to the Lloyd District, which allows riders to access a major destination and transfer to MAX and Lines 8 and 77.

(I) believe this is a result of a long term reroute that detours these buses from serving the NE 11th & Holladay time point in that direction and using their regular turn around route.  When the reroute was formalized and that stop removed from those trips, there should have been a note added informing that they still go to the general area.

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