Monday, June 15, 2015

Issues surrounding the candidacy of Anna Hicks-updated

Anna Hicks
As with Dan Martin I am hesitant to  bring these issues onto my blog but once again I have been supplied documents obtained through public records requests that should be known to the voters in the ATU757 election.

Anna Hicks is running for ATU treasurer but from the information I have obtained it appears that she has been unable to handle her own personal finances. 

This includes (2) chapter 13's and (1) chapter 7 bankruptcies as well as what appears to be multiple tax liens. 

Once again this is not rumor or innuendo, I have seen the document myself.

It has  been brought to my attention that Anna has talked about these issues on her WEBSITE which  I was unaware of. She was not 'hiding' any of this information. But this fact makes me wonder why she is so upset with me since she put it out publicly already?


Loki said...

Ohh my god! Al this is disgusting. Do you have any idea how many people that get divorced end up filling banco. This is fact it is in public record this is not a crime against another person. Ohh my god. You need to remove this post. This is discussing.

Al M said...

I noted this on the post itself but the facts are the facts.

megaton said...

Al,are you being paid by the machine?I think you have sunk to a all time low.I can't wait to read your blog if your machine gets elected.these are decent people we worked with for much have y
They promised you.

Al M said...

I have ZERO contact with the 'machine' Jeff and that's the truth.

Don't people have the right to know all the facts?

Calire Stello said...

Show us the paperwork you have. I don't want to vote for someone without having as much info as possible.

Al M said...

See comment I made on Dan Martins post