Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Have i been promised something by "The Machine"

Once again I am being accused of being compromised by 'the machine'. Like 'they' have promised me something if they achieve a victory in this upcoming  election

Let me make this clear;  I have no direct contact by any of the people that make up the so called 'machine'. The material I have posted comes to me via third parties. 
But I will say for the record I support the views of Ron Heintzman. 

But the reasons I have come to support the views of Ron Heintzman have  very little to do with him. 

It has to do with the 30% cut my pension has taken under the leadership of Bruce Hansen.
 Bruce Hansen lost me all by himself sorry to say.

But let me add one thing here.
 If Bruce does win, and I think he is the front runner, then we will see for ourselves if he has totally bungled our futures. 
He will be in the drivers seat during the next contract. 
So in a way, I actually hope he does win so he can play out his story.
I sure hope Ron H is wrong about him but I seriously doubt that.

But hell no, I would never vote for Bruce  again, ever.

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