Friday, November 29, 2013


One of the major disputes I had while employed at Trimet was my publishing of over the air wave dispatch calls. It's perfectly legal to do so however Trimet promulgated 'special' rules in their never ending efforts to stop me from blogging and getting information.

This was called HR-202 and I am the only person in the history of Trimet (that I know of) who has ever been charged with a violation of that 'rule'. HR 202 states that I must obtain 'express permission' before taking any picture or recording any video and  audio of any Trimet employee or customer. I had to abide by these rules while on duty.

Then Herr Mcfarlane took over from Fred and all of a sudden HR 202 applied to me even while I was off work. I posted a dispatch call while I was off duty to my surprise I was warned that if I did it again I would be disciplined 'up to and including termination from the district'. I was told I must obtain express permission of any employee that is on the radio before I posted it, which is absurd. This went into grievance but I left Trimet before it was heard and I didn't care  about it after although I still could have had it heard.

Anyway the reason I am so interested in dispatch calls is that they capture the true essence of operator emotions in the course of their jobs. You can't capture this in any other way.

In this series of clips we will hear just how frustrating it is to be a Trimet bus driver


Anonymous said...

Al did you know that during this years recertification class at trimet. We have the pleasure of having Mary fetch Roberta Alstott I know I spelled her name wrong too and and the other lady at that works with them. They tell us all the rules they tell us we free speech be careful what we say. yadda yada .

Al M said...

Ya I heard about that, I heard they even use the name 'lane jensen' and talk about the scanner account. (my name is never mentioned however)

They tried so hard to stop my scanner stuff now they have it all day long available around the world.

I am quite happy about that