Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nicely written editorial about street cars in another city

And if the streetcars did attract 3,100 riders a day, does that mean that bus ridership would decline by that number? And if so, are we going back to the future in reverse, to the elimination of the buses which could then perhaps be sold off to Mexico the way a lot of the streetcars were back in the 1950s?
Even if you believe that we cannot have enough public transportation and even if you believe that streetcars will somehow inspire a developer to retrofit even more lofts -- in the world of transportation activism everybody is single, 27 years old and carrying a sack cloth of locally grown food -- you have to understand that we cannot afford it.
The Central City Planners say they will be holding a number of open houses yet this year and then a public hearing early in 2014. Would you like me to keep abreast of that public hearing so that we might gather in great numbers to express fiduciary responsibility?
Or should I just forget about it and let the Central City Planners continue to spend wildly on public projects that they pass off as development? 

Joe Soucheray: We still can't afford light rail, and now we're thinking streetcars? -

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