Saturday, November 30, 2013



Max said...

Cue BikePortland in 3...2...1...

I'm not sure if the bus driver is talking to the person on the bike; but it looks like the guy driving the bus cut into the bike lane unnecessarily.

Anonymous said...

At this stop there is normally some one there waiting for a bus. As you can see there was no one and it appears more that the driver was preparing to stop (out of habit)when realized know one was there and no one rang the bell to get off.

I felt it was the biker who made the comment because they were to far behing the bus to hear any announcement. The announcements are made in the front of the bus not at the rear.

Most of the bikers downtown are usually rude and cut off buses and run red lights and have near misses with pedestrians.

If the Portland police would start ticketing those bike riders they would be able to fund the CRC bridge.

Anonymous said...


Al M said...

Personally I don;t see anything to get excited in this video.
I thought it was rather funny actually

Max said...

The woman on the bike was in the bike lane next to the bus, when the bus veered into the bike lane. If she had not been carefully paying attention to avoid the encroaching bus, this would have been a collision.

The bike lane is a lane of traffic; and thus (like any other lane of traffic) you're required to yield to whatever vehicles are currently occupying that lane.

In this situation, the bus operator should have stopped and waited for the bike lane to clear before changing lanes to service the stop.

Is that enough, or would you like me to look up the ORS?

Al M said...

The bus should not have gone into the bike lane but it wasn't really even any kind of close accident