Saturday, November 23, 2013

I thought he was talking about Trimet

Steve Buel
- Staff reports to board members and those in general are often written glossing over the issues raised by citizens and reflect instead the “company line”. Hence, it is extremely difficult for a board member to get a good handle on a district issue.
 - The budget is written in a manner which makes it pretty much indecipherable to the average citizen preventing close scrutiny by the public. 
-Many of our procedures which are used to assess difficulties in the district are weighted in favor of making the district look good as opposed to being fair.

- Obtaining public records in PPS(trimet) is astronomically hard and delayed beyond anything which is reasonable. 
- We often use the idea of “community” decision making to mask that we actually made the decision. If we have a community forum on a topic, then this often means we consider the topic resolved.
 - We stall with the response, “We are working on that”.
-We restrict teachers from teaching then hold them responsible for the outcomes.(drivers get bad scheduling then get blamed for being late) 
- We blame our response to federal and state mandates on the federal and state mandates instead of on our response to them.
-We often control the committee structures so they don’t include people who might give us a different perspective  or we structure the committee agendas to only include those issues we want to be addressed.   
-We have an administrative culture which rewards loyalty as opposed to initiative and true leadership. 
-We say we will work on a problem in the future, but the future never comes.
- Some administrators will lie by omission and some will just dead out lie.  See THIS POST

PPS Board Member Steve Buel Lashes Out

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