Sunday, November 24, 2013


Roberta Altsdadt
It has been brought to my attention that if the case against Lane Jensen was brought by Trimet it would say Trimet vs Lane Jensen.

It is  one Trimet manager Roberta Aldstedt (sorry don't know the exact spelling and have no intention of looking it up every time I use it) who is using Trimet resources such as the Trimet police and  Trimet district attorney to prosecute him. 
 She is also using her presence to prevent Lane from attending public meetings by pretending he is a threat to her.
It needs to be brought to the public's attention that Ms Altsdadt could have blocked his number from her phone, or could have sought a restraining order against Lane, but the plan was obviously to wait till Lane fell into the trap that was set up for him.
There were 5 months between the two incidents of 'telephone harassment'. 
She took no steps to mitigate this situation.
Although she is the only one who is 'charging' Lane with criminal activity Lane is unable to contact any other manager at Trimet.

No matter how they try to justify this action, it is an obvious abuse power and the abuse of police authority.


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