Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The more I investigate this case the more holes develop. It has been alleged that he had been calling her 'personal' cell phone. That turns out to be false and I have the evidence to prove it.I have removed her phone number in order to prevent more phony charges coming back on Lane
This is the post that is part of the evidence against Lane where he is 'encouraging' so called 'harassment' against Roberta. However when we examine the post what we find is that he is asking the public to call her and ask here a simple question on retirement benefits for union employees vs non union employees. This was posted because Roberta refused to answer his question. It's obviously an attempt to get her to answer the question and the only reference to annoying her is in the title. The post itself clearly wants an answer to the question. Now that is not her 'personal' cell phone number (removed). How do I know this?
That same number is listed on the internal Trimet contact list! It's a business line not a personal line. If you have expectations of privacy you certainly don't put your phone number on a list of contact numbers that is handed out to every single manager in the agency!


Unknown said...

While everybody agrees Lane's actions weren't the brightest ideas anyone ever had, TriMet's case in this has so many problems. What you said, Al, is such a valid point, particularly because, as Lane said in the post, "I like to put out public information about the managers at TriMet." Also, why did they take his laptop? His phone sent the text messages. What's that got to do with the laptop. And he didn't personally attack Roberta. It was directed toward anybody who might listen. So while it was certainly unwise, TriMet is proving yet again that their motives here are to shut Lane up in any way they can. No justice served.

Al M said...

Exactly Patrick, this is a political arrest pure and simple. Perversion of the law to shut Lane up and 'teach him a lesson' no doubt.

Well let me tell you, this could end very badly for Trimet

Al M said...

Furthermore Patrick all anybody had to do was tell Lane "if you send any more text messages you will be arrested"

They did not do that?

Why did they not do that?

Because it was a set up!

Unknown said...

The only person who did do that was Travis Stovall. He very kindly communicated that to Lane. Everybody else sent the same pre-scripted note. Of course, I think Stovall is more genuine than many of them.

Al M said...

Stovall handled himself like a gentlemen, unlike even one of the Trimet management staff!

Anonymous said...

The driver was stabbed just outside an employee break room that is near the bus stop under the I-205 overpass.

"Our thoughts and concern are with the operator," TriMet spokesman Roberta Altstadt said in a statement

"We have video on all the buses and we have video on all the platforms and we're pretty sure we probably captured this guy on one or the other, so that will fortify the case of course when we pull that video," said Lt. Tony Silva.

The attitude we get; Oh but that's to hard to go after all those stabbers lets go after the bloggers instead. Lets start with Lane Jensen because he makes us look bad and heck he is so much easier to set up. The hell with those bus drivers they are all a bunch of pieces of shit anyhow.

Loki said...

This is information for his attorney to use. But I am wondering if his attorney will try to link Trimet is assisting enough and marking this more their case then a case between her and Lane alone. Not sure how that all works legaly. Only his attorney will know. Legaly no matter how much help or what ever triment does in the way to enflurane or to help her may not be illegal. Maybe be a bad taste in the public mouth but it is legal. We will have to see how this all plays out. Your doing a good work here Al that is for sure.