Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How much more proof do you need that mainstream media is completely against us

Not one mainstream outlet covered any part of the passionate presentations made by union members today.

NOPE, the only coverage was on an obscure blog run by a blogger who operates outside the norms of the transit blog community.

What did the mainstream media cover? Trimet bringing back 15 minute peak our service on some heavy use lines. And they phrased it to appear that Trimet was doing the public 'a favor' and should be thanked for their great efforts towards the public.

No mention that the cuts were over done in the first place. No mention that OPAL, the activist agency that TRIMET officials have so enjoyed toying with called out the cuts as unnecessary.

NOPE, nothing at all resembling facts about anything going on at Trimet.

And there is only a handful of people that understand just how great the lie actually is and how Trimet is destroying peoples lives every day.

I want to congratulate all the union members that took time out of their day to address that board of sock puppets.

They didn't need me today to make the point, they made it themselves and for someone like me to see people step up to the plate  lifts my spirits and gives me energy to keep this blog going.

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