Tuesday, February 18, 2014

'Our" local government is doing the exact opposit from what the citizens want

  • Less than 40% of Portlanders would assign any priority to expanding the streetcar system further, and only 9% call it a top priority.  
  • By contrast, two thirds (67%) assign a priority to frequent bus service, and 23% call it a top priority.
  • In a separate question, over 70% of respondents said they'd be "more likely" to support a "funding package that improved bus service in areas with substandard service, particularly if the areas are low income." 
  • Most important: more than 3/4 would say that just because the city doesn't control the transit agency doesn't mean that it shouldn't invest in the service that's needed, or lead in funding that investment.
  • Jarret Walker Here


Anonymous said...

The best thing all residents should do is just stop using the system. Don't complain or have any conversation what so ever regarding bus, street, tram or rail service. Then let the big news channels do stories on non payers and how the system gets no ridership anymore.

Basically we have fired the municipality government for not doing the job that we ask.

But this won't happen, too many do good-er hero's out there wanting to save the day with 10 seconds of "look at me" recognition propositions.

Anonymous said...

If no one turns out for the new MAX Orange Line Grand Opening but the non payer freebie crowd that is a message to our extremely selfish wasteful local government: If you build it, we will not come, care or give a shit.

Then news run stories on how over paid, over compensated, overvalued management is...