Saturday, February 22, 2014

Scanner calls from last night that were not on Trimetscanner Twitter account

some sort of medical problem

domestic dispute halts bus

always problems with that st car

bus running in the bike lane again

somebody bent st car handrailing

rowdy customer on bus driver hung up on dispatch

police requested

people always like walking down the tracks

st cars are junk&tvm steals $

max and st car almost collided (can't wait for it to actually happen)

turn off those cyclops will ya

rider falls on bus 71

fire and medical at btc

cops and ambulance in st car shelter

and the st car ws blocked as usual

signal times out 'yet again'


AH those pesky st cars

dispute with rider

max problems (as usual)

operator is not cooperative

st cars were running 30 minutes late

woman banging head on window bus driver wont stop

'tape up that max brake'

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