Friday, February 21, 2014

What's the real story on those cell phone tickets

The minimum purchase requirement was in reality a stealth fare increase and discriminated against riders who buy discounted tickets by forcing them to buy more than they needed. (actually it forces everyone to buy more than they need)
So they have sold 700, many have actually been used. Wanna bet Globesherpa ignores my tweet?
Forcing minimum purchases guarantees that there will be some amount of purchases that will never be used which makes profit for services never delivered.


Jason McHuff said...

In theory, most people will take more trips and end up needing more than one fare (and I think you can buy for multiple riders).

But as I've said, I do think they should have used value instead of having to directly purchase specific tickets.

Al M said...

Globesherpa never responded to my tweet, case closed

Max said...

I don't think they know how many tickets were used -- once you buy the tickets they're loaded onto your phone. Once they're on your phone, you can use them without a network connection.

This is sortof like asking the grocery store how many of the tickets sold in books were used.

I don't personally see the $5 as any sort of issue; unless you're the type of person who is planning only on riding TriMet once in a lifetime with a one-way fare. (who the hell does that?!)