Thursday, February 20, 2014


Gets stuck in traffic like any car but unlike a bus it can't drive around obstacles, but its CUTE!
The Portland Streetcar, Inc. Board of Directors is searching for their first fully–dedicated, full–time Executive Director. The PSI Board of Directors is interested in qualified candidates for Executive Director for PSI to help facilitate the Streetcar's continued success and growth in Portland.
The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for leading and managing PSI's development and operations. This seasoned professional will be instrumental in employing a "Customer First" approach to managing PSI while demonstrating the capabilities to oversee finance, operation, board development/engagement, and importantly, the key regional partnerships that include TriMet and the City of Portland. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced transit and/or not-for-profit leader/administrator to use excellend relationship building skills to work closely and creatively with diverse stakeholders.
Please contact Melissa Ulum for further information or to apply.


YoMama said...

Gee, maybe if they're lucky they'll land a former capital projects director...

Nedwell said...

This, I gather, is to replace Rick Gustafson?

BTW: did Portland Streetcar ever get all their new, locally made streetcars from United Streetcar of Clackamas? That whole mess has gone off the radar; don't know if that's a good or bad sign.

punkrawker4783 said...

Al, its your calling!

Al M said...

Good question on the United Street Car fiasco, have no idea what happened with that. It's really something what is going on with the city of PORKLAND and United Streetcar
United Streetcar: Portland plans to spend $2.3 million for sixth streetcar from company |

I wouldn't even get an interview Chad as you know

Jason McHuff said...

This is actually old news as they've been looking since October.