Friday, February 28, 2014

Trimet will never have a problem with finding people

Where will anyone that has no advanced specialized education find a job that pays $26/hr around here? Nowhere of course. So even after they strip the benefits which will force all future hires into a life of servitude to the company they will always find plenty of people (or suckers depending on  your point of view) to take the lowly job of union bus driver. I am 60 years old now and spent about 20 of those years driving buses. First in college, then at Santa Rosa Transit, then at Trimet. 
I can tell you that the job of bus driver is not the same job it was ten years or more ago. It used to be a great job and companies actually considered you a person and not a piece of expendable equipment. People should think twice before jumping at this job, it's physically and psychologically brutal and they won't tell you any of that during the interview or the training.

Do you know someone who would be a great operator? Or is looking for a new career path?
  • No experience needed; includes paid training to acquire CDL
  • Starts at a living wage that doubles in three years
  • Full benefits, and more than 20 career paths
Interested applicants can submit applications and participate in a pre-employment orientation and be interviewed by hiring managers. Those interested can also attend the next TriMet Hiring Event to find out how they can become an important part of what makes this place great.


always roaming said...

Interesting. As I related in my story last year, I applied at TriMet in 1974 only to flunk the written test given to applicants for transit operator. The test was a psychological personality assessment and the reason TriMet gave me as to why I failed the test is that they didn't think I had the personality to deal with hundreds of people a day.

Read my story here:

Do they not give ANY kind of test anymore?

Al M said...

That was a great story, I think I should post that again!

Anonymous said...

It is what you make it. I started as a mini-run operator in 2007. Went full time in 2008. Became a MAX operator 7 months later, then became a rail controller 7 monthes after that. I was a controller for 3 years. Then went over to Streetcar and was a superintendant for a year. Then applied for a Management job with the City of Portland, Bureau of Transportaion. So... In 7 short years, I went from a mini-run operator to a manager with the City. I'll say it again. It is what you make of it. Trimet paved the way for me to a GREAT job!

Al M said...

Then went over to Streetcar and was a superintendant for a year. Then applied for a Management job with the City of Portland, Bureau of Transportaion. So... In 7 short years, I went from a mini-run operator to a manager with the City. I'll say it again. It is what you make of it. Trimet paved the way for me to a GREAT job!

~~~>Don't take this the wrong way but this is what comes to my mind. Shelly Lomax has a similar story. She's shameless careerist that has no problem screwing the people below her. So you are kinda like a Shelly Lomax huh?

Anonymous said...

Anybody that moves up that fast obviously is a kiss ass with lots connections.

Al M said...

LOL, comment above, although this seems to explain much of those who are promoted:

Dilbert principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight? Unless you schlep for Trimet for 30+ years instead of applying your knowledge to better your career, you are are a "shameless careerist"? LOL. Seems to me that you're blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings. No worries though. You will continue your silly little blog here in the hopes of Trimet actually listening to what you have to say. They won't. They will sit back and find the humor in this "rant" as do I and most that read it. It's good fodder....

Al M said...

I know nobody listens to me, haha!

Al M said...

Look, I'm not interested in a pissing contest. I'm glad for you that you achieved whatever goals you set up for yourself.
Me on the other hand, I would never have survived as a full Time trimet bus driver, I knew that immediately so i kept that nice little mini run job for 15 years. That was the life style I wanted, for me the thought of a full time job was more of a nightmare.

So Trimet did fulfill the role that I needed in my life. I needed the health insurance and they gave that to me in exchange for my labor.

Now the blog started as a result of my inability to be heard in that institution called Trimet. In order for me to express myself I had to find some way outside the normal channels.

Trimet continually kept trying to shut me down and each time they did that I became more and more fascinated with this blog.

The rest is history.

Now I retired at 58, so as far as my goals in life, I achieved them. No two people have the same exact idea on how to live and what to achieve.

At this point I am fighting to keep what I earned, and it looks like that fight will be futile.

All the management personnel that have violated the rights of the union personnel hold a part of the responsibility for this action.

I have a very dim view of all the management involved with transit in the Portland area right now.

It really has devolved into us against you.

Anonymous said...

The guy is saying be a Trimet bus driver then get promoted to a city position within 7 years!
Right, sounds totally believable. And even if his own story is true, which we cannot verify because he (or she) hides behind the cloak of anonymity, I am sure it had more to do with their connections than anything to do with their competence.

Trimet never promotes free thinkers, we know that.

Anonymous said...

In my time there at TM, I found that those with competence and ability weren't those in management. The Dilbert Principle is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

During my time there I could observe the union white shirt management to appear dumber by the year or become power hungry targets, go figure?

Erik H. said...

My manager at work told me a little interesting snippet, as we were discussing a situation that is increasing my workload unnecessarily...

"See what happens to slackers? They get promoted."

I then replied "what about you?"

"I had to apply for my position. She didn't."

I smell a similar situation going on here. Some political backrubbing going on, some ass kissing, and lo and behold - bus driver goes to management in a remarkably short period of time, then manages the City's Streetcar system and has a cushy management job.

Al - I think you need to get the I.P. address of "anonymous" and find out who he is. Because he's too afraid to actually provide his REAL NAME in order to tout his accomplishments; that he has to hide probably means he's got more dirty laundry he doesn't want exposed.