Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Jason McHuff said...

And that or another bucket truck got stuck in the mud:

Anonymous said...

You know Al,

Buses can be equally fragile. On this same day- a bus was taken out of service for a passenger with a medical issue, three buses taken out of service for driver illness, another bus temporarily taken out of service for a fallen tree and a few runs cancelled due to no operator. Multiple accidents involving buses, minor incidents like mirrors to moderate incidents like property damage. Let's not count broken fareboxes cause they can technically stay in service. On average 7-12 buses a day; enough that the extra service buses have been staying fairly busy. So, while I'm no champion of MAX, it ain't just the trains.

When the MAX breaks down of its own accord, it deserves the criticism. But in events like this where mother nature caused it or where last week U.P. ordered maintenance on the Steel Bridge, NOT TM, you don't place blame on MAX. There are EASILY 5-10 incidents OR MORE a day involving buses and accidents.

Only difference is you're not running on rails and you can go around each other. Give criticism where its due.