Monday, February 24, 2014

Milwaukie voters get a 'choice' cut service or raise taxes

They were given no choice about the light rail going in but now the oligarchs are pretending to give them a choice on how to pay for it. What a bunch of crap. They should have asked the voters if they wanted the light rail and what the cost would be up front. This is BS

City councilors unanimously decided last week to ask voters to accept an extra $36 tax on the average property to pay off TriMet for Milwaukie’s light-rail debt.
If voters don’t pass the $4 million bond measure, Milwaukie would have to cut two or three staff members next year, estimated Finance Director Casey Camors at the Feb. 18 meeting. But passage of the bond wouldn’t guarantee no cuts; it would only reduce the amount of cuts needed, Camors noted.
“It’s important that our citizens be given a choice as to how services are provided within the community,” said Mayor Jeremy Ferguson. 

Voters to decide on more Milwaukie light-rail cuts


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Mayor Jeremy Ferguson is an employee of Streetcar and a former TriMet employee, CERTAINLY no conflict of interest there...

Al M said...

Well they got a job for him at st car so there would be no conflict of interest! (sic)