Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mcfarlane takes his award winning schtick to Salem

This is not a new Schtick, we hear it over and over and over. 
Trimet has sure been good to Neil Mcfarlane. He's grossed approximately $3.5 million in salary (not including any perks) so far. $150,000 year pension awaits him when he decides to leave. Why would he leave? He doesn't "work" for his money. He just walks around and talks to people all day. It pays to be a senior member of the Portland Light Rail Mafia
The media blackout over Mcfarlane throwing the  retirees under the bus is complete and total. Trimet (light rail mafia)  keeps its firm grip over the mainstream media.

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Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Wow, did you watch all of it? If you did I can't believe you didn't say a bit more about it. Maybe Bruce should watch it since he still thinks the OPEB benefit called a liability by Neil is a problem and needs to be addressed in the next contract negotiations. Heaven help us if he is still in office! Just my opinion!
And lets not forget Dan Martins aggressive tactics at the informational meeting, bully them into thinking its a great thing and if you say anything against you are stupid and don't know anything.