Sunday, April 5, 2015

Trimet bus service fail

Those of us that are familiar with the Trimet scheduling failure when they split the line 12 into 3 separate lines already know that Trimet basically forced everyone on the 21/93 routes to buy cars.

This is because what used to be a non transfer ride east of Parkrose TC or West of Tigard TC is now a crap shoot as the 12's don't connect "seamlessly" with the 93 or the 21. They don't  connect at all actually in the real world.

 Riders either have a long wait or they are just plain screwed if they happen to miss the last bus east or west of the 12. Below is an example of this monumental Trimet fail.

Trimet shows off its boondoggle bridge and new light rail trains all the while bus riders keep eating shit. The media doesn't care, the board doesn't care, and Trimet management sure the hell doesn't care.

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