Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Trimet being a little bitch about your work comp claim?

You can't fight these  Trimet fascists alone, there is help out there!

  I had recently posted a personal recommendation of an attorney to contact for anyone receiving a workman comp denial form letter from Corvel, Trimet's processor for WC claims.

The attorney's name I recommend is Martin L. Alvey,
phone 503-229-0895.
His law office is located T 8555 SW Apple Way, Suite 310, Portland, OR, 97225.  He has an additional office in Astoria, OR.
Web Site:

He has great success for operators and TriMet personnel WC claims.

My boss,  called me last week to inform me that he received "a notice from on high" for him to contact me and direct me to take my notice down.  When I asked him to send me a copy of the notice, he said he would not.  He again demanded I take the notice down.  I then asked him if he would send me a letter directing me to take it down.

 He yelled over the phone the he absolutely would not, and then said "This is a direct order... You WILL take down the posted notice".

 I told him that I will take it down, but that I would be contacting the union office.  I took it down.

Several days later my husband called the lawyers office and related my story.  The secretary laughed and said she was wondering where all the new clients came from.  Obviously TriMet's upper management had feathers ruffled when they received letters from the attorney's office stating they represented all these new clients.
This attorney gets good results for his clients vs. TriMet.

 TriMet does not want it's workforce to have any info regarding their rights, and who to contact to appeal their denials of workman comp claims.

I am telling you this so that our workers' can appeal their denial with a decent, honest and capable attorney who does not charge too much for this appeal process.


Goonies said...

I see another another class action lawsuit coming

Al M said...

Additionallly we see yet another Trimet manager acting as a fascist goon!

That's where and who you work for.