Monday, April 13, 2015

This is not pick on Dan Martin day

And I like Dan, I really do. 
But he seems to be in the middle of some  activities lately that has caught the attention of various readers who send me this information which I find to be interesting enough to post on this blog.
The question here is why is Dan working out of his classification?

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Sunset Oaks Homeowners Association said...

Hey Al maybe you should just Call me Buddy!! But the answer is simple. 1. Not TM property 2. 3 bus operators have recieved PA's for bus damage where the back of the bus strikes the ground (hole is 20+ inches deep) and the city said they sent a letter to the property owner but had not recieved any responce. So you know what If I can spend 15 minutes helping my Fellow Brother and Sisters the headache of a PA. Were in this together.