Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trimet bus operators continue working under extreme pressure

We've all heard the press releases. "More frequent service", "More reliable schedules".
Unfortunately for the public there is no way to independently evaluate any of Trimet's claim as true.

A cumbersome and ridiculously expensive public records system pretty much ensures that Trimet can't be monitored by the public and the mainstream media has no interest in looking at the guts of Trimet. The mainstream media seems to only be interested in covering bus driver foibles. An occasional expose on Trimet management greed,not not much else.

In the clip below we see yet another driver pushed to the edge of exhaustion. The dispatcher tells him to take his breaks. But we hear road supervisors constantly demanding that operators leave on time. Poor Trimet operators are subject to so many bosses and so many contradicting orders you have to feel sorry for them.

And Trimet in typical fashion  its up to the operator to 'complain' to the scheduling department in writing before anything will change. (on their own dime of course) We all know that the scheduling department already has the information! Its just another method that has been developed to impede any changes.

If Trimet really wanted to fix the schedules they could. They just don't want to fix them.   If they say "15 minutes service" it has to say that on the schedule. Weather it works or not, that's the bus drivers problem

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Alastair MacDougal said...

Bus drivers who retire only live on avg. 5 years after retirement. This is attributed to stress of the job caused by the public and lack of support from managers.