Monday, April 27, 2015

This guy seems to be having a good time

I hear so few positive remarks coming from Trimet employees these days that I thought I would post this tweet. I've been chatting with him on twitter and he genuinely seems to be enjoying that job. (so far). Well, we shall see how it goes for him as time passes. I never found that job "fun". I found it fascinating for sure, but it was always "work" to me. Mcfarlane would never be able to do that job, that much I am sure about.


Goonies said...

Put his ass on a 72,4,15,71,14,10,33,35,75

Al M said...

Give him time!

He'll find out!

Jason McHuff said...

It sounds like he is just starting training and hasn't actually seen what the job is like.