Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Trimet Managers harassing Trimet employees

I can vouch for the frustration of this Trimet employee in the audio clip. My theory here is that these Trimet managers are intentionally trying to provoke the employee into an outburst or causing them to screw something up during their work-shift. 

The Trimet managers used to call me in to these meetings that were nothing but complete bullshit head games then send me out to work my shift. My mind would be boiling during the shift with anger. I got to thinking about it and that's when it became obvious to me.

The Trimet managers wanted me out of there but I was (unfortunately for them) one of the most skilled drivers at Trimet. Not only was I technically proficient in the operation of a bus I was very well liked by the riders. Trimet had nothing on me there and trying to fire me because of my blogging activity could have turned into a major news story, something they fear more than anything. 

So what could they do? Intentionally attempt to provoke me into an outburst and claim "insubordination" or hope that I would do something stupid during the work shift that they could use against me. None of those things happened but I got the hell out of there as quickly as I could the day I turned 58.

And here we have another Trimet employee going through this type of harassment 

Listen Here!

No transit management could be so insanely ignorant to not understand that to upset a 'safety sensitive' employee in the middle of their shift could cause safety issues? Could this possibly be gross incompetence on the part of the Trimet managers? (these people are extremely stupid for sure) 
Nah it has to be intentional.


Al M said...

You can hear how upset this max driver was.

Is this safe? Hell NO!

Deke N Blue said...

I would make them relieve me -- with pay -- and cite safety issues. I know from experience how hard it is to drive when you're upset or angry. Evidently, TM doesn't truly care about "safety"... it just sounds good to the press.

Al M said...

There is only on problem with calling off