Wednesday, February 17, 2016


The Department of Labor has reached a consent agreement with ATU757 to hold new elections for president and vice president

The new election will be between the same candidates with the Exception of Dan Martin
Further details unavailable at this time


Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

TriMet, C-Tran, and all other properties represented by ATU757 are cheering! Instead of local union officers focusing on the deceit and manipulation that management keeps perpetrating, they must contend with another election. It's not that the current officers are perfect and wonderful, but the other choices for office are truly the bottom of the food chain in intellect and character. Sad day for union members and families.

And for those who support this kind of in fighting... You can't fix stupid and you are truly stupid people.

Al M said...

There has never been any true solidarity at ATU757 which is a damn shame

Agree that management is cheering right now

For the DOL to make such a ruling there must have been legitimate issues and our union should employ the 50% plus 1 rule in any event

Anonymous said...

Teamsters are a 50 + 1

Anonymous said...

50 + 1 works if the members are smart enough to elect the most qualified and not the "nice" guy. Unfortunately a perfect example is Bruce Hansen who won on being a nice guy popularity contest and not on skill or experience. Problem is people running for office believe than can do a better job without having any experience.

Bruce being in office cost TriMet employees and retirees $750 million in give backs that we know of. That's 750,000,000 reasons to vote for experience.

Unknown said...

This isn't infighting, it's pursuing honest elections which is good for union members and family. Anonymous calls people names: Maybe it was Shirley writing anonymously but the paragraph was too well written.
Bruce does have experience negotiating prior to election and skill getting member's jobs back.

The $750 million claim needs explaining. Do you think this one 'retroactive' Contract gets the OPEB funded fully? Nope. But on that thought, Mary said "Had TriMet properly funded contributions as expected of prudent and responsible managers of public funds there would be no OPEB unfunded liability." She could have continued that past Union leadership (Hunt/Heintzman) was woefully neglectful in ensuring TriMet properly funded everything the Union was negotiating. Just because it was revealed during Bruce's term does not mean he caused it.
Blaming Bruce for everything that is wrong with this Local is giving undue credit for what can be accomplished in one short 3 yr term