Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Al M said...

Your not the first person to get fired due to public transit failure

Anonymous said...

you don't lose your job because of one tardy day. there is more to this story then what is here.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know it is usually not a good idea to threaten a company in writing. Also, wouldn't you have just turned your cell phone off until the bus was up and running again?

Anonymous said...

The driver could have opened the rear door manually had you asked. If not, you could pull the handle and open the door yourself. They can not hold you on the bus, regardless of failures. Pull the handle and push the door.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there is more to this story. Also, it's safe to say that you wouldn't have been fired if you weren't already in trouble. Maybe some personal accountability should be taken into consideration instead of playing the victim.

Also what the commenter said above, turn off your phone to conserve battery! That's your bad, not Trimet's. Also, anyone who owns a vehicle knows they break down at the most inopportune times. It's called life. Most of us deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Lol. This story is ridiculous. Do you handle all of your problems in life via ranting and raving? I think your boss was just looking for a good excuse... Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Your story makes no sense, the only thing I see is a person who will not take accountability for their own actions and seems to be trying to put the blame on Trimet?

BTW, this is not the first time I have heard this blogger blame Trimet for loosing a job, get real, grow up and take some personal responsibility in this situation. 2 late rides on a bus will not get you fired, there is more to this story between you and your employer.

Dude you blast this nonsense on your traffic twitter account and have for quite some time, it's a pattern, nobody is going to fall for your victim stories.


Al M said...

There are some heartless readers on this blog lately.

Anonymous said...

In this instance and by following your "guest blogger" for 2yrs now on twitter, the issue is NOT about TRIMET making him lose his job.

The issue is he has lost more jobs in the past 2 yrs that I can even count, and he continually broadcasts on social media how "XXX" has screwed him over.

I do understand the issue of the bus breaking down, but in this particular instance, it's painfully obvious that Trimet is not at fault for the loss of his job and there is a LOT more to this story (between he and his now former employer)

A lot of us follow your guest bloggers traffic twitter account and what he fails to realize is that all of this "blame game" is old news, in fact I can recall him blaming Trimet once before for the loss of a job.

Your blog rocks, I just have no sympathy for someone who is going to broadcast their woes and troubles to the world via social media (as this person has continually done and taken NO personal responsibility for his situations)and continually blame others as is his pattern.

If he wants to put it all out there, and blast Trimet it's only natural people are going to comment as many are sick of the "blame game" this person has been playing.

Sydny said...

As a top person in our company I have to say that what happened to Lane was extremely unfortunate. He was a great asset to us and will be dearly missed. I think your rude and arrogant comments are a disgrace, and there was no need for the negativity. Maybe instead of hiding behind a computer and bashing on someones misfortunes, you should either A. Keep your comments to yourself or B. Encourage Lane on how to do better, Either way, let's be a bit more mature next time people, shall we?

Lane, you are an awesome person and great employee and whoever gets the pleasure of working with you is extremely lucky!

Anonymous said...


Have you followed and heard of Lane's drama that he has publicly broadcast via social media for the past two years?

I have.

Perhaps if you had followed him as well, you would see this is just one more (of MANY) "unfortunate" situations that seem to "do him wrong".
There is ALWAYS (someone other than him) to blame.

(side note- take a very close look at ALL twitter posts,his and others, relating to this recent Trimet incident, times, etc)

A. If he is going to link this blog on his twitter, talk about it on social media and voice his opinion, then others will share theirs right back.
Not hiding behind a computer, just replying via computer to HIS tragedy he posted via computer.

B. I know of many people (myself included) that have tried to encourage Lane in the past. In my personal experience, he abused that help and took advantage and was not entirely truthful.

It's great that you feel he will be missed at your company, and yay to you for falling for his blame game.

After 2+ years of watching his drama unfold via social media (on an account where the reach is quite vast) this recent Trimet blame game post is equal to "The dog ate my homework".


Anonymous said...

Sydney, it seem as since you are a top boss in the company, you will see he returns to work tomorrow without penalty? Problem solved!!

Anonymous said...


If he was indeed as valuable as you say, he would not have been fired for one tardy that was at most 30 mins late (according to his timeline). He needs to grow up and accept responsibility, and the "mean" folks commenting here are actually trying to get him on the right path. He has a very definite problem of publicly asking for help/handouts which are needed due to his publicly announced, self fulfilling, shortfalls. I'm not unconvinced that he just doesn't feed off the attention, positive or negative.

Then again, what boss of any company in their right mind leaves a comment such as this on a public forum, opening legal channels that weren't open before? Are you who you say you are?

Anonymous said...


The commenter above is correct. This is an ongoing thing. We've all tried to speak up and lead him away. He pulls the victim card and whew...he pulls it constantly.

There's only so much empathy one can feel when someone doesn't ever realize that they're in the wrong. If he had woken up on time, left a little earlier, been a little more responsible, this wouldn't have happened.

I rode Trimet for 10+ years and was never ever late for work, let alone fired. You know why? I'd leave early. Show up early. I never overslept for work until I got a car (but luckily, those same people I was relieving have done the same to me)

It's all about personal accountability. If someone had lost their job due to no fault of their own, fine. This guy is a constant source of drama and vindictiveness and victimization. He's lost lots of jobs. People stay away from him professionally because of how he conducts himself online.

It's not negative when we try telling him, he doesn't listen (over a long period of time, surely longer than you've known him at VoiceCurve) and doesn't take heed. People have limits and it sounds like more than one person has hit their's with this bit of a train wreck.

No one believes he's the victim here besides you and the guest blogger. It's a shame. He's a sweet kid, but man...he really needs to grow up-- and quickly. For his own good.

Anonymous said...

Also, Sydny, I know this may be your first job...being a sophomore in college and all....

...but being a receptionist is hardly a 'top person in your company.' When you have the following titles: CEO, CFO, VP, President, Board Member, will be a top person. Not when you're 20. Not when you're a receptionist.

Anonymous said...

Alright, so first off it is not Sydny's fault Lane's social media is pure drama. Second, who is the real loser here. You followed Lane for two years? I think you are just mad at yourself for having nothing else better to do. Therefore, stuff the hostility back in the bottle since you are clearly glutton for punishment. I don't like Lane, his b*tching, blaming everyone besides himself, or his constant need for attention. Hence, my need to not follow him via twitter.

Cameron Johnson said...

Wow, we should really consider a non-anon policy. I bet half these people wouldn't be so vicious if they had to show their identity.

Al M said...

Ya apparently Lane has some enemies.
The anonymous policy has to stay because employees at Trimet comment here and they have a valid reason to hide their identities

Al M said...

On the other hand, this little drama of his has become a HUGE deal on this blog.

Surprised the heck out of me.

Hundreds of views.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite surprised. Hundreds of views, and yet you are still commenting on it! I guess you want to feed the fire with fire. Some people confuse me. Just so you know, I'm good friends with Lane and he will NOT be getting his job back BECAUSE of this issue.