Thursday, September 27, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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What is going to be done about the NS Streetcars that are now overflowing with people both in the morning and afternoon? 

is there anything done when a bus runs consistently late? It seems like 52-PCC is always late in AM. 

ticket machine 309 has looked like this for two days now, c'mon guys, get it together!  

Two 19 buses go by within minutes of each other and the 72 is never on time. What the hell

Bored alone while I await my ride...aka the max x) lol @ TriMet Mt Hood Ave MAX Station  

Girl on bus has a backpack on; bumps into me x3 w/o remark. Then same girl steps on my foot. Looks to see if I noticed. No words.  

Fuckin trimet bro.  

And now it appears that my connecting train is delayed because of the inspections, too. 

Trimet, if your life had a face, I would punch it. I would punch your life's face.

So sick and tired of being late to work because of Trimet. 

Just spotted a guy on the 4 bus resolving conflicts while rebasing against master.  

Ticket validator and reader boards are out of service at southbound Rosa Parks MAX station 

8:39 is when the bus is supposed to come. Not fucking 8:43  

Train operator pulls out of station before signal.  

Broke down bus 84 eastbound just b4 68th Ave exit.  

There are currently 3 busses on Belmont right behind each other, stopping at every stop

This new update on the iPhone is screwing me over on Trimet  

Fuck trimet for increasing prices and getting rid of the free rail zone. 

Im really mad at trimet since they changed the buslines at parkrose. GRRR 

What a great day so far! Filmed all morning on TriMet and MAX- I take Portland's public transportation for granted!

The only thing reliable about are their fare increases. Arrival times? No so much. 

Remember when the Max was cool and had the free rail zone? I do.  

So I can take Trimet downtown but not back.. Cool. I somehow need to find a ride from the Roseland to my house at like midnight. Any takers? 

cooool crying on trimet. no fucks given. 

thirty minutes. coool trimet. real coool.  

: Fake Ass White Gangsters In The Back Of The Bus. ” HAHAHA 

Hey I would really like to know how I am going to get to and from school when all of the cash ticket machines are constantly down 

Trimet is a dirty lying whore 

On TriMet, stoned as fuck & everyone looks weird & smells bad. 

Just got caught by the trimet officers without my I'd but only got a warning  

Chowin down on Wendy's now cause my feet hurt and trimet was mean today. 

Fuuuuuuuck (@ TriMet Willow Creek/SW 185th Ave Transit Center)  

MAX is mysteriously delayed by half an hour. Thanks . Love you too. 

Feels like i'll never make it home at this rate with how late the bus is & then the lift. But i'm almost there. Come on little bus!

Officially probably back to being 20min+ late. Yay.  

Bitch Ass TriMet People Just Snaked Us. Another 20 Minutes We Gotta Wait.

what's going on with the blue line? 

Someone's hot boxing the goddamn Trimet. I wanna kick whoever it is we're passing over the river. Nothing worse than a dick hippie. 

I wish you could hear how loud this person is talking on her phone. It’s amazing and I know what she’s doing Friday night.  

Guy puts trash on floor as he's exiting , says "that's why they should have garbage cans on here." - trashcan is outside 10 ft away

Watch out for the puke... @ TriMet Union Station/NW 6th & Hoyt MAX Station  

get your shit together, trimet

1 policy C-Tran has I wish would adopt-you gotta wear a shirt to ride the bus! 

It's stuff like this fellow riders. Why this isn't on the sign we will never know.  

77 bus driver (4:45 start at Monty park) kicked off an imbibing drunk. We all thanked him. You should too. 

submitted an official complaint to and i joined the rider panel  

Just wondering why the inspections went from happening while en route to having the train at a stop until done? 

To the stranger who randomly passed me his bus transfer good for 3 more hours: thanks!! That's one way around the fare hike: sharing 

~ tales~ Someone ran in front of MAX to catch it; MAX driver over speaker 'get off the MAX, I don't reward stupidity' 

Why the FUUCK are these Buses taking Forever?! I hate



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