Friday, September 28, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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It says "no turn on red" and the trimet bus turns on red. 

the Kenton max stations credit card readers have not been working for weeks. Can we get these fixed? 

Trimet.. Shake my fuckin head.. 

the streetcar schedule on the iphone app has been wrong ever since they added in the CL line. Please fix this!!! 

Dear . The driver of Bus 608 on Route 6 should be cloned, and deployed throughout Portland. Thank you.

I love it when three whole trains go missing. Thanks TriMet for making me miss an early train, an on time train and a marginally late train. 

Its truly rare to have an uneventful ride on ...this morning's ride on the 94 may very well qualify. Aside from the 19 yr old bus. 

On the late train last night a young man grateful to have caught MAX offers me Philly cheesesteak flavored pizza. I accept.  

So many canvassers on MAX asking if I am a registered voter and to please sign in support of no fluoride in Portland's water supply  

There are some remarkably smelly people on trimet

Thanks guy for asking me if the machine is broken, then driving off. Thanks for the "help". 

One more reason to hate Trimet... 

Today started coffeeless and with a $200 ticket from the transit authority. Not such an awesome Friday. 

agreed. I had a pretty negative interaction, which I won't go into.

as if high fares, unsafe park and ride lots, and undependable arrival times weren't enough. 

Don't forget bus drivers who run over people and eject mothers with crying babies. 

Driver of 2110 is a skilled driver, but has a sour attitude. A little positive support for your drivers goes a long way! 

Oh, just general bus over-occupancy, odors, and slowness. Nothing against your service :). 

Sat next to couple on train. Loudly, they spoke of firearms, jail and drugs all the way from to

This is what it looks like when yr tires have been slashed.  

A big goes out to the driver that lied to me about very simple directions and got me lost and late coming back to work 

I hate trimet. I can't wait to have my car back! 

And 94/12 just made unsafe left turn into Barbur TC on a permissive left; oncoming car w/right of way had to slam on brakes 

94/12 1752 knows how to drive the bus!!! Rev the engine at a red light...but three cars still gunned it in the right lane. 

Dude across from me rocking the teardrop tattoo may have killed someone who was laughing at his beaded lip ring.  

why is there an oddly long pause between bus and lines in the announcement "transfer to other bus lines"? 

That was weird... 8pm Trimet Fare Inspectors ACTUALLY WORKING?! I think the world just tilted! 

3 smokers under bus shelter for stop id 351. That's a lot of fine money. 

Trimet is slacking. 

at it's finest: making riders wait on the side of the road for the bus instead of just closing the stop. Bravo  

Fucking bus is late again. This is so fucking stupid. is fucking up 

And 94/12 just made unsafe left turn into Barbur TC on a permissive left; oncoming car w/right of way had to slam on brakes


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