Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The A-Holes that run Trimet

It's time to re-visit this excellent post by Jack Bogdanski

Tri-Met brass: It's all the union's fault

The head of Portland's insolvent transit agency has taken to badmouthing his employees' unions these days. But he can't seem to make that speech without a "planning" consultant from CH2M Hill next to him. Ah, those consultants -- who make the millions setting up money-burning rail projects like the insane WES train and the equally nutty Mystery Train to Milwaukie. Yes, the unions have overreached in recent years, but when Tri-Met ends up in bankruptcy and the workers get maneuvered out of their pensions, you won't see CH2M Hill giving back any money. 
Tri-Met brass: It's all the union's fault (Jack Bog's Blog)

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