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Special Duty in CBD = 2.5 Hours
150 Passengers Checked
2 Written Warnings
1 Citation

Numerous Day Transfers seen over the past few weeks improperly issued.
They are torn from the book at the perforation and not on the cutter bar as they are suppose to be.

I am also seeing a large number of operators with only one book of transfers and punched for Adult Fare Only.
No transfers for Senior or Youth
They simply have a book at their left side and hand a day ticket out as needed. That is why they are not cut as they should be, because they are not even on the cutter bar.
2 cites, 3 warnings, 5 jumpers, 5 verbal warnings.  Roughly about 200 people
I worked in the CBD today with 9527, while checking fares I encountered 2 people who did not know that the free rail zone had ended. I encountered a man with an honored citizen fare and when I asked if he had an H.C. card, he showed me one in which the expiration date was unreadable. I did an R-check to see what the actual expiration date is and it had expired in 2011. He said that he wanted his card back, I wrote void on it and returned it to him. He showed me his I.D. and he is over 65 years of age. I explained to him that he no longer needed an honored card because he is now 65. He said that he felt harassed and I explained to him whenever someone shows a special fare that they need to also show the qualifying I.D. Thanks Nancy
Special Duty in CBD

Hours of duty = 3
Verbal warnings  = 8
Citations =  3
Special Duty in CBD Hours = 2.5
Passengers checked = 225
Written Warnings = 3
Verbal Warnings = 9
Citations = 1 ( related to assignment )
Citations ( Non Related to assignment ) 
Customers checked = 260
Special Duty Hours = 3
Written Warnings = 4
Citations = 2 ( Not former free rail zone related )
Verbal warnings = 12
I rode blue and red line trains along with the code enforcement guys in the former “free rail zone today”. I came across many violations (approx 15) to most of which I gave verbal warnings and informed that very soon we’d be issuing $175 citations. I had them deboard and purchase tickets. Most of these violations were from folks claiming that they thought they were in the free rail zone. The three warnings that I issued today were from folks that either claimed a tvm didn’t work or they “got on at Jeld Wen and thought that it was part of the free rail zone. “
2.5 hours Special Duty in CBD

Passengers checked 300
1 Exclusion , 2 Written Warnings, 2 Citations
( Honored citizen Fare Violations ( 2  Cites )
No Fare  Citation ( Multiple violations coming into the former free rail zone )( 1 Cite )
No Fare violations, knowing it was no longer Free ( 2  Warnings)
4hrs in the CBD max.  200people,  3cites, 2 warnings, 2 verbals, 10 jumpers.   
Hours on duty for event  -  2.5
Passengers contacted      - 250
Verbal Warnings                -    12
Written Warnings             -       1
while checking fares today in the CBD; I encountered about 8 people who did not know that the free rail zone had gone away. I just had them exit the train at the next stop, so that they could by their ticket. I encountered one woman who had an unvalidated ticket and said that she was told it was okay to ride with. I explained that the person that told her that was misinformed and that the free rail zone had gone away effective 9-1-12. I had her exit the train and validate her ticket and she was able to still board the same train that we got off of. She was not happy about this as this is not what she was told. I showed her on the door of the train that valid fare is required before boarding and I also showed her on her ticket where it says validate this end with the arrow pointing to the top of the ticket as well as the EXPIRES arrow on the ticket. Again the majority of people did have their proper fare. I still ran into those who had either a youth or honored, that they did not qualify for.
I rode in the CBD for about 3hrs.  4 cites, 10 verbal warnings, 3 written warnings.  Ppl150
275 passengers checked
9 verbals
1 Written warning
4 Citations – Riding outside of the former free rail zone without fare / inappropriate fare ( Running late, broke etc. )
while checking fares downtown today, I encountered 1 person that did not know that the free zone had gone away. She exited the train and bought her ticket at third and Morrison. I encountered someone with a youth fare, who was wearing a Carrington college uniform. She does not qualify for a youth fare; she told me that she was not done with high school, but, she did say she has completed all her courses and was just waiting for her diploma. I explained to her that she will need to have a Tri Met/GED HS card to continue to use a youth fare. I told her if she gets it and brings it to court, that I would ask the judge to dismiss the cite. I had a few other people with no fare tell me that the ticket machine that they tried, was not working. However, they did not try to buy one from any other machine until I encountered them. I encountered a female that had a honored citizen D-H transfer. I asked her for her H.C. card and she told me that she did not have one. She said that the transfer is what the driver gave her, but that is not what she paid for. I (tried) to explain to her that she needed to check her transfer while standing next to the driver to make sure she had been given, what she paid for. She wanted my name and John’s name (9525). I told her that my information was on the citation and she started screaming at me for not TELLING her. She told me I was a dumb bitch, and to hurry the fuck up, I do this all day long and I should be faster at it than I was. Her name is Seleena  She said that she would have both of our jobs (mine and John). She kept demanding her transfer and I.D. back the whole time that I had it. When I finished the citation, I gave her back her I.D. and she grabbed the yellow copy of the cite out of my hand. Before I could give her back her transfer or give her a courtesy ticket, she was gone. The vast majority of people had their tickets. 
Hours of Special Duty in CBD = 3
Fare Violations for this timeframe ( not due to the elimination of the free rail zone )
3 Citations – Special Fare
1 Exclusion – No Fare

Total passengers checked ( Approximately 300
The event roll call needs to be moved back to 0600 hours; supervisors were instructed to be on their assigned corners by 0715. The new route worked very well and we were able to bump through the timed events with little or no problem on Broadway. The event was clear by 1109 hours and everything was back to regular route at that time. The crowd was smaller this year but there were still a lot of people, I did not hear a crowd total. With the exception of our extra trains being cancelled things went well from my vantage point
I was bumping northbound trains at 6th and Salmon.  There were several issues at this location that made this more difficult than it should have been.  The bump through trains were competing for space in the block with buses so they either further delayed their departure by waiting for the block to clear at the City Hall Platform, or they moved into the block and blocked the 6th and Main intersection until they could pull all the way up to Salmon.  This blocked wb traffic on Main until the train cleared.

Portland Police used “Street Closed” A boards in the transit way at 6th and Salmon forcing buses onto the ROW.  Buses would service the block and move onto the tracks to bump through when they could normally share the block with trains simultaneously

We were getting a lot of auto traffic making the illegal right turn from Main St. onto 6th.  There was somebody manning that corner to move the A boards for the buses but he was letting too many autos through.  An Officer really needs to be at that location.

Lastly, I understand some of the events were timed and we didn’t want to delay those runners but when there’s a large gap and a train is sitting we really need to take advantage of that.  
I worked the westbound direction line 20 on W. Burnside & Broadway and had no problems with our bump thru for delays on the line 20 buses.  We held up the runners/walkers for a short while to bump a bus through and it went well.

The buses turning from Broadway north to W. Burnside Eastbound had no problems on their turns.  Lines 12, 19, 54 and 56

I did get a few buses (2) that were suppose to stay on 6th ave but turned onto SW Pine and to Broadway where I intercepted them and got them back on track for their reroute to using SW 6th going northbound.

That’s all folks
Worked CBD for 4.5hrs.  About 200 contacts.  One cite, One exclusion, two warnings, and 20 verbals
, I worked ES-3 today and worked my hour of code at Gresham T.C.; I encountered an individual who had a D-H ticket, but, no H.C. card on file. Another lady did not have any fare at all and I wrote her a warning. However, she explained that the ticket was left at her friend’s house and she would have her friend bring it to Gresham T.C. We talked for a while and then her friend did arrive. I left the copy of the warning with her as she did not have proof when she exited the train. I did not process our copy  though. I don’t have a phone number for her or I would let her know. The warning #521255, her name is Jimmie . If by chance she calls in, we can let her know that there is no warning entered.  

 The beautiful weather and early game time was appreciated.
·     Due to so few available Inspectors/Field Supervisors, the decision was made (by Ed Varwig, I believe) not to set up bike rack barricades for fare inspection at JELD-WEN, either pre- or post-event.  Had we known this in advance, we likely would have planned our pre-event staffing differently.
·     TVM #103 at Galleria was completely out of service, so it was good that I was there for cash fare sales, even though there weren’t many people boarding at that location.
·     Fare sales activity at Galleria and JELD-WEN would probably have been better if fares were being checked as folks arrived for the game.
·     Pre- and post-event MAX service met demand.
·     Ed R. was not in the mix with us for this event, due to Race for the Cure Health Expo staffing at the Convention Center (w/ Pamela W. & 3 ‘Ask Me’ Volunteers).
·     With the circus at the Rose Garden, Saturday Market near the Waterfront and an event of some kind at Pioneer Square, there were quite a few Lloyd-JELD-WEN MAX riders out and about.
while doing code in the CBD today, I encountered 3 people with honored citizen fare, who did not qualify for it. I asked a young man to step off and buy his ticket as he had none; he told me he tried to buy one at Lloyd center but our machine was broken. He was not happy that I had him exit the train to purchase a fare. I encountered one person today who did not know about the end of the free rail zone. Once again the vast majority of people had their valid fare. One woman, when I asked to see her fare, wanted to know who I was. I explained to her that I was a Rail Supervisor with fare inspecting duties. She showed me her H.C. fare and then I asked for her H.C. card. She showed me but she was very upset that she was being asked to do so.
During Special Duty in the CBD this afternoon. I did fare check for 2.25 hours, due to train delayed in Beaverton – late to assignment
I checked approximately 175 passengers and gave 8 verbal warnings.
I wrote citations, however none were associated with the free rail zone being eliminated.
this is my report for both of the above dates. On Wednesday, doing code downtown I encountered about 3 people who stated “that they did not know the free zone was gone”, I gave them verbal warnings and they exited the train to buy tickets. Once again most everyone had valid fare.

On Thursday I encountered about 2 people who did not know that the free zone had gone away. I explained that it just went into effect on 9-1-12.  I encountered two people who had honored citizen cards on file with us, but, did not have the card on their person. 
Between 3pm and 6pm in the CBD

3 Written Warnings ( Violated Knowing )
1 Exclusion ( Expired fare from outside the previous free rail zone
2 Citations (  1 From outside the free rail zone ) ( 1 for smoking )

Again:  Numerous TVM problems, many before unseen, most likely from the new software installs.
We worked the CBD for 4 hours and then did the mission.  PPL 150, 2cites, 5 warnings and a jumper
I started code today at Rose Quarter, then went with Davidto his very FIRST exclusion hearing. Then we rode trains downtown, a lot of people had unvalidated tickets, often when we would board the train, people would then get off. We had a fare mission today at 19:00pm at IRQ. I was told by about 4 people that they did not know that the free rail zone had gone away. I noticed a lot of TVM’s had sorry no bills accepted. #745 and #746 at 6th and Madison had cigarette butts jammed into them. When I removed them and got the stuck dollar out of each, the sorry no bills accepted message went away. I put the $2.00 in bus #2129 block 3507 fare box. I advised control of the jammed TVM’s. I had one woman that had a youth fare, but did not qualify for it. She told me she did not know that the price had gone up to $2.50; I issued her a written warning. I issued an exclusion to a youth that I have dealt with in the past who admitted that he knows about the fare change but still did not have a ticket. 
During the 3 hours of special duty the stats were:

Passengers checked 300
Written Violations
1 Citation
5 warnings
14 Verbals
9-3-12  800pm-9:00pm at Pioneer Square checked 60 passengers gave 8 verbal warnings.
9-4-12  7:00pm-9:00pm  Rose Quarter to Old Town checked 150 passengers gave 14 verbal warnings wrote 2 warnings.
9-5-12  7:00pm 8:00pm Lloyd to Rose Quarter checked 80 passengers gave 10 verbal warnings and one sight.
9-6-12  7:00pm 8:00pm Old Town to Skidmore fountain  checked 65 passengers gave 8 verbal warnings.
9-7-12  7:00pm-8:00pm Pioneer Squire to Galleria checked 80 passengers gave 0 warnings.


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