Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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#20 claims he can pass the stop if those waiting don't stand up. Is this really policy? 

A #4 bus just breezed through stop #1423 either three minutes early or 15 minutes late. 

Driver of 1838 is whining about his job. Awful ride. 

Note 2 driver of route 15 bus-a half gallon of after shave is not good alternative to bathing.

Only one lane open on Ross Island Br. Traffic is seriously backed up on Milwaukie. If you take the 17 consider an alternate route!

lol those trimet delays are always fun 

: the driver of line 94 bus id 1764 nds 2 stop driving so slow. We r nt on a sunday drive through the countryside. Now I late 4 work 

No, cuts/fare increases are pushing ppl to bikes. MT PDX "Cycling is canabalizing transit growth" 

missed train at stadium max because both validators out of service! 

Note to self. Buses are evil slow, always take an earlier one. Always. 'msodone 

Best advice I have ever heard on a bus. "Don't bartend at the same place you dance."

Dear girl in front of me on the train, your iPod came with headphones. WHY ARE YOU NOT USING THEM?  

First day of school was a success, sort of. Figured out that I can't do night classes though I got home at 11pm. Trimet is not my favorite. 

There is a problem with the red line train at Sunset TC. It's not moving.  

Work on the train: Trimet gets wi-fi. Public transportation as a better option than a car- not just a green choice.

As per usual, the bus that runs at least every 15 minutes is 19 minutes away  

Ladeda...waiting w/ other 51 riders waiting for the last bus that is 20 min late...hey! It's the pink thing!  

2 sups,cars 502&513, are sitting in the Starbucks chatting w/ coffee instead of doing their job while i wait for a late bus. Thanks



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