Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TriMet Board Meeting

Ok guys. I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
So i'm posting here for Cameron at the moment. His internet has been down the past day or so and due to that he will not be able to carry out the initial plan he had for this board meeting.


Al M said...

Is he even going?

Anonymous said...


Al M said...

Well there goes the only piece of excitement at the Trimet board meetings.

Cameron is like the top star at those board meetings, without an appearance from him almost no reason to watch anything there.

(Unless Michael Levine shows up, he's a good co-star to the main star, oh wait, I hear LANE JENSON might make an appearance, so maybe something decent might happen)

Anonymous said...

Yea. Well i was talking to Lane and it sounds like he won't be at this one either.

Al M said...

Then its a complete wash out..

Cameron Johnson said...

Sorry, Al. I was actually planning to handwrite a last minute speech but I had to stay home this morning to watch my sister and take her to school, and then help out with a trip to the food bank. Otherwise you'd have seen me there.

Didn't help that the power was out for twenty-four hours... and then the Wifi.

The Chauffeur said...

I hate being sick. It's not a fun thing to be throwing up at 3am. Next month we will overpower the board.

railsignalman said...

Take a look at the ATU757 website for some examples of the bills we are going to be sent to work at TM Even if you don't work at TM anymore they are going to come after you.

Al M said...

I never thought for a minute that Mcfarlane would NOT COME AFTER RETIREES--