Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hows that new streetcar doing?

Here are some comments from

Empty Streetcar at 7:45am

I sure hope Joseph Rose at the Big Zero
is lurking.
Not that I expect any honest reporting from him individually, or the Zero as an institution.
Why would anyone be on that streetcar? It doesn't go anywhere.

Please stop using the term, Street-CAR
We would prefer you never mention car in any reference to transportation, unless in a derogatory nature.
Instead use, Sheeple-Mover
Not nowhere. You can pick it up in the Pearl and ride it to Broadway Toyota to buy a car.
Be careful, Portland might decide that they will need to reduce fares to $0 and start spending money on special events along the Eastside Streetcar line to drum up ridership. You know, to all those vacant industrial warehouses, parking lots, gas stations and the like that dot that line.
(And probably enact a "surcharge" on TriMet for its bus stops in city limits to pay for it.)

East side, West side, all around the town...
There's a song or a limerick in there somewhere....
I saw the streetcar while coming home around 5:30 tonight. It was heading north coming out of OMSI and crossing MLK towards
Grand. I counted 3 people.

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