Sunday, September 23, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Fuck you trimet I have places I need to be 

the October bus pass looks horrible. The middle child is covered out by hologram.

Man, 33 on Saturdays is like some sort of Tweaker Express. Even more so than weekdays. 

Have to laugh every time a bus powers up & their digital sign showing destination says 32K RAM as it boots up. Ooooh! 

Missing a transfer because of a vanishing bus. Well played  

Fuck Portland buses, fuck trimet, fuck everyone!  

I hate skinny skater fags that ride the Trimet and don't even know how to use it 

Apparently the 70 line now goes directly to/from my neighborhood and

Look, a bus!! More popular every day, when craps out  

Man to his kids: “ok, here comes the convention center. Lets get off and take MAX.”  

get your shit together with the streetcar arrival times. 

so it is on par with the rest of trimet

and today is the perfect example of why has been given the nickname  

Onboard 001 MLK and Taylor abt 15 ft from platform and we are DEAD!! No A/C, now ppl know what a 1400 is like 

Time to get a bus pass, driver swore he didn't see my two dollars in the box so just had to pay 3.50 to go to grocery store 

Not happy with right now. I shouldn't have to take two buses to get to class.  

I had to ride trimet today, but I saw a plane do tricks in the air so that made up for it 

72 line 2283 & 2236 parked next to each other on 82nd.. 2236 will not pass what? <Belinda Jackson> 

line 72 bus 2283 stop id 7950 just passed me up? <Belinda Jackson> 


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