Sunday, September 30, 2012

Poor pedestrian facilities heading to/from Ruby Jct

NW 11 Mile Ave/SE 199th Ave in Gresham

Even though it's the street between a major TriMet operations facility and the nearby MAX station, one which operators, employees and others walk down daily, it does not have the "world-class" pedestrian facilities that some here seem to think it would have given the rail nature of those places.

(I'm told that the street is like this because sidewalks were not required when Ruby Jct was built; a recent TriMet expansion fronting one portion of the street did include a sidewalk.)

Google Street View and, below, some still images:

Also seen in the area:
Two separate rail operators seen at the eastbound MAX station in Street View
(or: Two forms of having been releaved)

A sidewalk, but no fence

A flock of birds

The mail box

And a familiar vehicle:


Erik H. said...

Funny thing: I see a sidewalk there.

That's more than can be expected of the majority of the 1, 36, 37, 38, 39, 43, 44 or 45 bus routes. Or many 12 stops.

I also see quite a bit of landscaping over at Ruby Junction.

There is also a bike path on the east side of Ruby Junction that actually enters TriMet property. (I've actually ridden on it.)

Jason McHuff said...

Do you see a sidewalk in the first two pictures?

that actually enters TriMet property

How do you know that?