Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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none of the downtown ticket machines are currently accepting credit cards. Might want to check that out.

Surely could install signs like this @ Tigard TC to help rt 94 riders.....  

Transit Tracker sign 5th @ Montgomery broken.....not like its needed since trains only serve one more stop 2 blks away 

And 1449 on rt 94 CRAPPED OUT Pacific @ 74th, riders offloaded to 94/03. Can ANYTHING go right for in Tigard? 

I like this 94/03 driver. Good Tigard TC announcement, cautioned boarding rider on danger of crossing against pedestrian signal 

veh 1843 on rt 45 has NO headsign at all! Guess doesn't want Tigard riders to know where their bus goes... 

9403 pointing out to day ticket holders "full-length transfer with four punches at the bottom" 

veh 1424 on rt 9403 kind of hard to read the head sign with no working lights in it 

flex passes went up by a lot wow fuck you trimet

now I wanna cry at the cost of all these books and the trimet pass 

I'm annoyed that I have to catch a 10:40am bus in order to not be late to my noon class. The 20 should run every 15 minutes!  

I am still confused as to why thinks that the type 4's are viable trains. worst design ever. I miss bombardier. 

All volunteer - skaters pay to play, no marketing machine. That said, there are posters EVERYWHERE, including all over Trimet

This Nigga Pulled Over The Trimet Bus Got Out &&nd Ordered Some Food At Subway. 

There is a guy playing guitar for a baby on the max. :)  

So when the machine gave me my change back instead of a quarter I got to Bangkok position. .  

waiting on the 72 and the app has said "due now" 3 different times now. 25 minutes, no bus. Now late for work. What gives? 

Also , it's 47° outside. Why is the a/c on the max on?! 

Waiting for this slow ass bus so I can go to school. lol 

I'm gonna be a Trimet bus driver when I'm older and just not show up to the stops because it's happened to me so many times 

Oh how you annoy and confuse the fuck outta me... ugh. Almost missed my max bc of them. 


I can't listen to "Nebraska" and look out a train window without feeling like I'm in a movie montage.  

"Trimet: Roughly 1.25x the speed of walking! Now with 400% more aggravation. Did we mention our rates increased? Fuck you!" 

Middle Ages Asian woman using her 3 feet of hair as a scarf.  

riiigghht? The max is the one part of trimet I actually like. 

why do you refuse to try and get new articulated buses? They could be put to very good use. 

Ooh. gave us an 1800 this morning on 5104 as opposed to the typical gillig. And, surprisingly, this bus doesn't sound like crap!

I hate you trimet

Your ticket dispensers at both PSU light rail stops are not taking card payments 

Omg this trimet line 🔫 

Fuck trimet

Nice to see all the crazies are back from summer break.

has alot of "Kissing" up to line #20 was late this morning and operator was VERY rude, but we love them...Right? 

I refuse to take Public Transportation seeing how they continue to raise prices on everything ill settle for a Hooptie!  

After this week I wouldn't dare catch trimet unless I REALLY have to 

TriMet I'm so through with you. 

long lines bad especially now that you can no longer buy multiple unvalidated tix at paystations. Boo! 

, downtown ticket office lines need attention. People snaking three deep, and only two windows open? Stress on staff AND customers. 

Sorry, I spent enough of my time walking between two of them to get a ticket, to no avail. You're welcome for reporting them. 

Wow. Driver of 2606 (Rt 70) strands a woman who ran for the bus, then praises himself for not plowing into her. Disgusting.  

At least this bus has decided to follow the prescribed 94 route; my follower was the one that liked to skip Main St. 

why my bus so late and no notice posted? 10 at SE 26 and Rhone. 

Is going to relocate 43/44 stop Capitol between Taylors Fy & Barbur to serve Walgreens, or leave stop at Pacific Pride gas station? 


Okay people of trimet, if you don't shower next time I see you I'm throwing you in the river. 

Thanks! (Though requiring more riders to visit ticket office may be bigger issue than number of clerks.) 

Some guy at the back of the #19 thinks none too highly of contemporary German philosophy.  

I hate trimet

Fuck riding Trimet. Soooo SLOW! 

I have been waiting more than 45 mins for the Street Car at . What's wrong with Trimet ?!  

And then to add to the joy of the late bus, we 5101 riders get the pleasure of the jackhammer 1600. Bus 1624. Yay....  

Just saw some kids scratching the metal/plastic parts on the bus. Couldn't get video of them doing it but got video of their faces 

Oh yay. Once again, the 51~ bus is 10+ minutes late and thus has disappeared from transit tracker. Thanks,  

They have done the same thing to me. Really? You're 5+ minutes early. You can't wait 30 seconds? 

Is it just me or are the ticket machines way faster than they used to be?! No more missing a train while paying. 

fucking sucks. Waited over 20 min for street car. Get your act together

there is a piece of metal hanging near a front wheel of train 241, making a racket when the train moves 

Type 4 both ways on today's commute. Weirdly, that's the first time that's happened in the two years of daily train rides.

Trimet terror tally 9/25. 7:07 am: II

Dear  please correct the arrival times for the street car. Especially the ticker signs on the south waterfront.

Just about every rider (including myself) thanked our operator for getting us to our destination. She was great. 

Every  ticket machine I've seen alately seems to have something wrong with it. In this respect, the complainers don't lie.

 Rail Car  has sticky floors and grime between the seats. CLEAN YOUR TRAINS!!!!

Fuckin TriMet


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