Thursday, September 27, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Hey , thanks for not changing the bus maps at Gateway after I informed you about them. No, don't worry. It's only been a month. 

thanks for shitting the bed on line 14 today, asshats. 

Please work on the timeliness of the streetcar. I walked to a bus stop and took 2 buses to get to my doc appt today b/c SC was late. 

TriMet reroutes 29 some lines and expects service to stay the same. Bull. This rerouted 6 is already 20 minutes late and potentially more. 

After seeing and using NY's transit system, it solidified my feelings about TriMet being absolute shit-- especially within the last 5 years. 

Commuting w extremely erratic lately. Now late to class b/c no. 6 from Jantzen Beach left 15 mins later than UPDATED schedule shows. 

Chicago embracing mobile fare payment for CTA. Where's Trimet?  

Today I learned that they write TriMet tickets and boating tickets on the same form! 

Good on you . Having a lady there to buy fare from while the machines are down. I see you're finally figuring customer service out. 

Ohhh i love it when your phone thing says that a bus is coming in 7 minutes but when i get there in 4 it has already come and gone 

Accident at market & broadway blocking tracks so streetcar can't go. Had to get off and walk to work even tho I bought a pass Ugh

WCSO adv Trimet unit just got stuck with a needle on a suspect, requesting medical  

mine is apparently a minute away... when did Trimet become such terrible liars? This BULL 

trimet really need ls to get it together! Mine is like 15 late 

i know! I remember when it was reliable and didnt make me late all the time :( 


Gotta love . Woman breastfeeding on bus. Wow! 

hahaha nice response. Man, I'd love to get into the TriMet parody game, I've got a million of them! 

streetcar is wack but petrol is expensive man, and I can get a trimet pass from my work, so that helps 

riders are funny. I get to a stop when it's empty but fills up by the time my bus arrives. If I board my bus first I get dirty looks 

Why is it expected that I let every other rider on first when they got to the stop after I did. Look up FIFO bitches.

Wow, a nice and funny bus driver on line 54 - imagine that. Yey good customer service! 

The driver on line 12 lit a cig in front of a supv at tigard transit ctr on prop bus 2242 now depart 747pm 9/27  

driver on bus 2242 is smoking on trimet property check the video plus he shut the door in my face 832pm tigard transit ctr 

Is it sad that it's surprising my 51 is only 4 minutes late tonight instead of the typical 20+? Pathetic .  

That's good. Though, I can't guarantee I'll be riding at that point. That 20% markup you guys pulled last month hurt really bad. 

Did you know that on Sundays, Tualatin has no bus service whatsoever, anywhere within the suburb, after 8:20pm? 

couldn't get on MAX, too crowded, happens often 

Love it when I'm trying to rush home & a max just disappears completely from the schedule... 



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