Sunday, September 30, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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"Trimet needs to be shot in the mouth with a shotgun"
This guy said " I can take you in my limo with the friends you want" and I said what the hell you doing on trimet then.. 

Seriously, , 28 minute wait for the next northbound 4? On a Saturday at 10 am? So much for frequent service.  

fail. Color run event and tons of people. No train.  

It looked like I had a 14 minute wait for the next 72, but seven minutes later, the bus showed up out of nowhere. Nice.  


. FAIL #4,593-- They switched the zones around and then didn't print enough All-Zone tix this month.  

Physical brawl on MAX train 122. Passenger calling police, car with fight being evacuated @ Goose Hollow. 

Argument on MAX train 122 turning loud, both men swearing, saying one man tried to pick pocket someone else. 

Does trimet even run till 23O AM lol  

The 54 just stranded everyone at Beaverton TC because someone threw up on it. Since when did bodily fluids slow down? 

This is exactly what people mean when they say is driving former transit users to bikes. 

A driver saw the book I was reading about Ed Wood, said "Great film." I said "Yes." !

We much prefer takin to take the kids to the zoo but dang can be so maddening to take sometimes. 

The 10:05 blue line at Gateway was some sort of phantom train-it never showed up.  

Trimet needs to be shot in the mouth with a shot gun 

all the trimet employees. They gonna make me late for work. Lolol 

They also don't think (according to CS) that they need to flex the no refunds policy when trains are too crowded to ride. 

Wow. I'm on the 1st blue line MAX on a Sunday morning and all the bike slots are full. Think we don't need more bike capacity? Ha! 

At this hour i'm the only white guy on trimet

Way to go . #15 just passed 7 people at stop 5009. 

Without trimet I'd be fucked. 

any idea if the next one's coming? It was supposed to be here 3 min ago. We've been waiting almost an hour. 

Sorry but it looks like that run was taken out of service. Sorry about that 

the 14 was supposed to be at 4th and Madison 13 min ago. The info line says it's not coming for another 20 min! What's the deal?

really? 1 yellow line every 45 minutes on a saturday after a match? Absurd.

When a bus is late, even if it's just three minutes, it feels like forever.  



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Jason McHuff said...

I think that 14 may have been taken for the streetcar bus bridge