Monday, October 15, 2012


One if the more pernicious hoaxes that have been perpetuated on people  about me since I have become semi 'famous' (in an underground way) is that I have been a spy for the conservative moment. "I feed the conservative agenda and am hastening the downfall of unionism"

The accusation is hilarious and was first leveled at me by someone who really has some serious issues themselves, but the false charge has stuck on me.

Recently I had another dispute with union members, this one over Lane Jensen's RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.
See when you're in a union, you are expected to tow the union line and defend everybody else that is in your union or you get labeled a traitor. I would for example never consider running for union rep position because in that position you are expected to defend all union people, not matter how much contempt you have for them. Something I would never allow myself to be part of.

Anyway the recent dispute I had together with this upcoming union  'recall' started me thinking about the two kinds of evil that working men and woman employed at TRIMET are stuck between.

The evil of a company, with all it's fast talking lying executives in suits  that has lost all sense of ethics, or the union evil which consists of a  barbaric culture of pack animals trying to destroy each other.

If you have never been to a union meeting, you won't understand how they work. All the various factions get together in little clicks and whoever can shout the loudest gets the floor. If you don't like what's being said you just shout them down. It sorta reminds me of a bunch of chimpanzee's together all screeching and shouting at the same time.

And then the union spoon feeds us the information but is worse than TRIMET when it comes to keeping secrets.

The company tortures us and expects to be 'good little worker bees'. Most people submit to the torture because they have been brainwashed by the "be happy you have a job" conditioning that the masters 
have placed into our consciousness. Speak out against the masters (Trimet management) and you are subject to all sorts of psychological torture up to and including falsified reports. And when it comes to being in a job where your are most likely to be thrown under the bus there is no place like Trimet.

They treat their employees like most transit districts do, replaceable like an old tire.

And in that is the rub, without the union, even a corrupted union, the employee has no protection for the 'genteel' corruption of the corporatist state. So you can't get rid of the union. 
Unionism is slowly being destroyed. People can blame the capitalists for its demise, but the truth is the unions destroyed themselves. 


I will not be attending anymore union meetings.

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Henry Beasley said...

Too bad we need the votes to "put the garbage, in the can" once and for all.