Saturday, October 27, 2012

Well, if you want a job that pays ok (after three years)

Has pretty awful shift work and lousy working conditions then send in your application. Hopefully you don't listen to Trimet Scanner or watch the Tweets from Trimet scanner because if you do you will know EXACTLY what you are getting yourself into. They used to have EXCELLENT benefits, the benefits are so so now.(Health care comparable to BurgerVille) No more defined pension plan either, so you're shit out luck on that but you can get a plan that you have to pay into. (like most other decent employers)

Q: Is TriMet still hiring bus operators?

A: Yes! We will be posting the Mini-Run Operator position again soon. All in all, we are hiring 22 new bus (MRO) operators every six weeks.  This rate of hiring will continue through March 2013 and likely beyond just to catch up from retirements and other attrition. We are hiring and training as fast as we can, with a new class of as many as 22 operators starting every six weeks. Who do YOU know who might make a good bus operator? Complete details reposted soon on (Note: Service Worker—the entry-level maintenance job—is open right now as well!)

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