Monday, October 29, 2012


I really do like Bruce on a personal level and don't have the foggiest idea what he is dealing with but I have now come to the same conclusion that TOM HORTON did when he ran for president of ATU 757.
And Tom suffered greatly for that decision, the members of ATU 757 can be brutal to dissenting members.

Every one of his ideas I support, yet I didn't vote for him? I thought Bruce could bring change but It appears I was wrong...


HRSRampantLion said...

I thank you, Al, for your consideration, even though our election has passed. The electoral challenges that remain are not much more than a formality, proceeding to International and the Department of Labor. I don't think they will be returned in the challenger's favor.

As it is, I not sure I would make a much more effective President of our Local than Bruce is now. What neither of us anticipated was Ron Heintzman's run, and Jon Hunt's resignation to 2nd dog. Improbable as it seems, Ron lost by 242 votes, and Jon, with all his convictions for speeding and drunk driving was elected. Unbelievable!

That in itself is telling of just how broken our Local bylaws have become. President Hansen leads, but in the shadow of our drunken former Presidents! You know there's a great big, wide rift in that office. I often think about what I would have done had I been in Bruce's place. I think I would have dismissed our VP without necessary duties, and recommended that he return to the workforce, wherever he could find a job. As I understand it, it is the President's role to assign Union duties to the Vice President. "Sorry, Jon, I've got nothing for you to do today. You stay away, and I'll handle everything."

Well, I would be a much more 'vocal' President, seeking attention from any media that was friendly to worker rights. I would be actively be pursuing a legal coup over the appointed nature of TriMet, spending lots of time with legislators, hoping to persuade them to change ORS 267. I would be mobilizing our retirees and other volunteers to that end, "Come on, we're taking over, occupying, owning, and operating our public transit system again."

I'd probably have fired Susan Stoner by now, and most of the office staff would have to be laid off in favor of volunteers, for the purpose of securing a financial stability. And, I'd be constantly on the phone with International, begging them, and our friends at the AFL-CIO for their assistance against the million-dollar propaganda campaign, and impending contractual negotiations.

I'm guessing Bruce is pursuing similar directions, only keeping his strategies under wraps. This is the way our Local has been functioning for many years--TOP SECRET...for whatever good it's done.

Well, that's my rant for the evening. Just my opinions and speaking only for myself. One can dream...

Thanks again for your renewed confidence.


The Rampant Lion

Unknown said...

I think its time we all move on to the work that needs to be done in the coming months. We all know that with a new leader it takes time to properly: motivate, educate and eradicate, things that we don't need. Solutions are what we need going forward, you know what I'm saying. We have done that, now. Our idea needs to be implumented and pushed forward, without any unessesary emotional attachments, that way we all can benefit in true solidarity.