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Supervisory reports

While doing regular inspection on trains I heard someone yelling "I hate fucking lazy Mexicans" over and over. I stopped checking and went over to him and told him he couldn't say that and he neeeded to lower his voice. At that point the man () told me this is the US and he could say whatever he wants to then called me an ASS-HOLE, I told him that while traveling on Max he needed to watch his language and keep it down. The man told me he didn't have a fare cause he didn't need one cause he didn't have money. I got his ID then asked him off the train. The man got off and apologized then snapped again and demanded his ID back and grabbed for it and raised his fist. I instructed him not to hit me cause I would hit back, then he picked up his suit case bag and swung and hit me with it. then walked away. I called for police assistance. The man did come back very threatening and demanded his ID back but in all the commotion I still hadn't written his citation yet. I told him i would write his citation and give his ID back but if he hit me again I would beat his ass. The man at that time walked across the street and leaned against the building while I wrote his citation. Police got there and he struggled with the officer also causing the officer to take him to the ground to handcuff him. 
actions taken in response

3 different customers tripped over the edge of the bike racks that were stacked on the WB platform near the concession shack end.  One almost face-planted onto the platform. 
There seemed to be more WB customers than normal who deboarded the train at Convention Center vs. Rose Quarter, perhaps due in part to the train delays caused by the ongoing switch/signal issues.
·     We experimented with pre-event staffing at 1st & Yamhill and found it to be worthwhile; about 10-15% of the customers there thought the Free Rail Zone still existed.
·     A Red Line to PDX was off-loaded at Gateway TC, causing confusion and angst for several customers until the next Red Line arrived (about 15 minutes later, I believe.)  
 Most Blazer fans came out as the game ended around 9:20 pm.
·     We had more staff than needed, but the strong Transit Police presence was appreciated, with it being a busy Friday night.
·     Saw a fair number of younger customers heading to and coming from Fright Night at the Memorial Coliseum.
·     Had some inebriated folks but no major misbehavior observed.
Wet leaves on both platforms and the location of the bike racks that are chained together toward the west end of the WB platform pose a safety risk.  
 Code Enforcement was done by Transit Police officers, Supervisors and Inspectors.  Some stayed at RQ while others rode trains back and forth between there and Old Town (or Union Station on at least one trip when Inspectors boarded a Green Line).
·     There were not a lot of Blazer fans boarding EB trains at Old Town, but it was good to have L educate some customers there about fares being required. A few opted to walk across the bridge vs. paying a fare.
·     It was worth staffing 1st & Yamhill again, as at least 25% of the customers Ed served there didn’t know that a fare was required.
·     Several customers reported being unable to get fares at Lloyd Center and 7th Ave, due to TVM problems. (One couple also reported TVM issues at Clackamas that prevented them from getting fares and resulted in them being cited at RQ.)
·     RQTC: Without Rail Supervisors managing pedestrian safety at the intersection, our two G4S officers (who were assigned for fare sales oversight) helped take on that role
 There was a small but steady stream of Blazer fans who left between 9:00 and when the game ended, around 9:25 pm. The main crowd came out between 9:30 and 9:35.
·     We didn’t have a WB extra service train, as things turned out, but regular MAX service kept up with demand (since this was a pre-season game with lower than full attendance).
·     I didn’t observe code enforcement staff checking fares, and am not sure why that was, but their presence at least coaxed some folks into buying fares who probably wouldn’t have otherwise. 
·     IRQ:  NB validator was out of service; SB TVM had printing issues. MAX service met needs.
Total of 7 trains were used to clear W/B RQTC. 9012, 9053, 9042, 9001, 9066, 9051 and 9015.
The game ended on time but people spilled out early due to blow out scores and it made easy for passengers to get on the trains..
I had the position @ SW 4th & SW Sheridan which only the ½ Marathon goes by this location.

I only had one bus with a 10-11minute delay line 1201 but every other bus was able to be bumped thru the intersection within 2-3 minutes at worst.

Police on scene did an excellent job as usual.

No problems to report.  Pulled event signage when run cleared around 10:15am or so in my area.   SW Barbur/Sw Naito Pkwy and SW Harrison streets.
There was a lack of coverage from the runs promotion and Tri-Met in the future we need Tri-met personal and police at the Pioneer Square westbound platform pre and post event.  
On 6th ave and Salmon The G-4 officer was sent to the next south intersection for traffic control. I was required at the north intersection. The traffic was allowed to turn from 5th street but was forced into a right hand turn on 6th blocking the bus and Max lanes.
 Post Run because of the location of the finish line on Broadway at Washington and the party on the Square all the east west streets were treated by the runners as closed. They were not closed creating a very unsafe environment for all including pedestrians, cars, and Max. The pedestrian traffic cleared at about 11:00.

Not a well planned event compared to the others I have worked. 
  Ops Order didn’t reflect our On-Street CS staffing but listed 2 G4S Officers for RQ from 1530 until clear for “Path finding and Customer Service Security and Safety presence.”  We didn’t initially have oversight but got that worked out a short time later.
·     When I first arrived at RQ (3:45 pm), engineers were onsite replacing the communications equipment that was recently damaged.  A Rail Supervisor was there at the end of my pre-event duty when I returned from staffing the booth in the plaza area.
·     An EB Red Line train had a switch problem and was delayed at RQ from 5:10 to 5:22 pm, with an EB Green Line waiting directly behind it and an EB Blue Line waiting on the bridge. People seemed patient with the 12-minute wait.
·     TVMs at Lloyd Center had a few issues (e.g. one saying “Exact Fare Only,” one not accepting credit cards for some transactions and one with a stuck plastic flap that kept tickets from dispensing properly.) 
·     Except for educating some new/infrequent MAX riders about the September 1 fare changes, this event really wasn’t worth staffing. There were fewer than half the number of fans that we see for Blazer games. Most didn’t seem to pay much attention to my PA announcements when they deboarded trains at RQ.  I got more responses to my verbal messaging as folks approached the booth in the plaza.

Train broke down on the Steel Bridge prior to game interrupting fare sales and enforcement.  Due to train schedules being disrupted the fare mission for pre game activities was cancelled. Post game there were no problems other than late trains that required one extra service bus to be sent to PDX with about 8 passengers on board.
 Very wet and blustery weather and light fare sales activity at all three locations.
·     Lloyd Center:
°     A few different couples chose to walk, despite the rain, and a few others chose to drive and park in one of the $10 lots vs. paying for Adult Day Passes.  
°     MAX frequency was good in both directions.
°     TVMs were functioning well, but one validator was only working intermittently.
°     Looks like tree branches above the overhead lines should be trimmed back, so they don’t snap and fall onto the wires in heavy wind or if coated by snow/ice.
 Nasty weather let up, which was appreciated.
·     B served as IC and was joined a bit later by a
·     Event break occurred at 11:00 pm, but a fairly good portion of the crowd trickled out between 10:00 and 11:00.
·     Quite a few customers were new or infrequent MAX riders who needed fare/service info.
·     About a half dozen folks missed the last EB Red Line and needed to get to Parkrose/Sumner or Cascades. Supervisor G arranged for a bus to get them there.
·     One extra service train in each direction would have been helpful, although we managed with regular service. The wait time was 30+ minutes for some folks who left the concert after 10:40 pm, mainly for folks heading to Gresham or Clackamas.  

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