Friday, October 26, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Fucking trimet isnt working and i missed my bus goddammit
: will be checking for MAX passes everyday, according to a trimet officer at Rose Quarter. The fine is $175! 

Someone killed the monitor at the Lents MAX station, FYI.  

Had my fare checked four times in the last month riding trimet (excl boarding buses). Times fare checked in previous 25 years: zero. 

Guy on MAX playing Call of Duty on a laptop Yeah. I'm sure light rail passengers want to hear loud gunfire on their commute. 

many thanks, your blueline delay just left me in the 5 second dust bloom of the bus I needed, so my wait continues on txs 2 U 

hello, ticket machines in max stop (SW 6th and Madison) are not woking very well now. 

WES last night with FOUR riders  

And 9404 (veh 1430) now SRO...but no worries with this old bus we have empty WES trains with 4 riders aboard to pay for 

A trimet-issued SARS mask would be fantastic. With little trains and buses all over. 

and at I-5 she pulled into the shoulder (where the 12 stop is) for no reason. 

9404 (veh 1430) needs some retraining on lane use at a signal. She is out of the queue-jump lane @ Capitol after making the stop 

": If you are sick, stay off my damn it. considered wearing a respirator like they do in china, don't want to get tazz'=

...and I get worst bus in the fleet 1430. You might as well call a road relief to meet us at Barbur TC. 

YaY! train stuck in the tunnel at washington, they must have a shit maintenance team or a pissy PM rotation Good morning!! 

New proposed Trimet max rider rule-if u r 1 of the door holders, u r not allowed to complain if trains r late. U r part of the problem. 

I should be surprised by another delay from a broken train up ahead. I am not. 8 of the last 10 days has had bad service. 

You're kidding, right? To what purpose? So I can receive another canned apology? Nothing is ever made right, so why should I bother? 

If you are sick, stay off my damn it. Stay home, in fact. You aren't brave for going to work or school while ill, you are stupid. 

rumored to re-name the Rockwood/E 188th MAX platform to "Someone Shot Me In The Face"  

I'm blown away by the stillness. Life is never this quiet. I'd im @ TriMet Elmonica/SW 170th Ave MAX Station

@ICRTRP dude..we live in there's nothing here you wanna see! But ok,when you go on a date you can pay for her trimet 

70 line drivers have used 3 wrong routes around 17th closure @ Bybee last 2 wks, missing stops. Are drivers not informed of detours? 

Trimet has me spending all my silver coins. 

Just saw someone jump out the window of a stopped Trimet bus instead of try to get through the crowd inside. 

Am I crazy or does this smudge look like ?? Haha. @ TriMet NE 82nd Ave MAX Station

worst customer service ever I'm so sick of you 

every time i'm at stop 351 there are assholes smoking in the shelter. EVERY TIME. 

Getting to the 17 bus stop at Cesar Chavez & Holgate 10 minutes early & having the operator be 24 minutes late is not good business 

operates the MAX. We have Streetcar Officers and Supervisors to enforce the rules on the Streetcar and our platforms 

Why does it seem like everyone on buses is sick?! Ugh.  

Fucking trimet isnt working and i missed my bus goddammit 

I'm on a dead bus (17 sb near Alberta)  

Mmmm. Love that new bus smell!  

Bus 1403 on 5104 this morning. With every slight bump in the road this bus sounds like it's just going to fall apart.  

Girl: Back door please? Driver: Giddyup  

Thanks for sending me into an unneeded panic attack, Trimet! Wouldn't have happened if the MAX doors were left open for 5 seconds longer!

Dear - don't you have crazier people to pick on? 

drivers are missing crosswalks, too - like the one I was using with my 2yo in the rain today. 

I can tell already that this bus ride home is going to be a blasty blast.  

Imagine if trimet buses had wifi....

tr 9411 veh 2134 "Center Garage" headsign....not helpful. Do MAX trains dep yard with "Elmonica" on it? 

. bus 2134 says CENTER GARAGE; it's actually a 94. 

Car hits a pole on a Friday afternoon causing massive delay. This makes 17 for 20 commute trips in 2wks with incidents. 

Pandemonium at gresham tc drivers don't know where to stop  

service delays are the norm instead of the exception the last couple weeks. Will this improve? (Blue line rider) 

driver just stopped to pick up this kid who was sprinting to a stop he was never going to make! :)  

Only 1 bus on whole 21 line from Gresham to Parkrose rest pulled for bus bridge bad move by trimet should of used 9,4,20 

Ugh. EFF trimet bro. 

Fuck waiting for trimet. 

Trimet has messed up so much, they owe me some free rides even though I ride free 

veh 2134 on tr 9411 rear right ovh panel is unsecured and a falling hazard

The new trimet buses are icy! 

The new TriMet buses are cool 

Mmmm petrochemicals and formaldahide RT : These new trimet buses smell like freshly unwrapped action figure. 

Now the bus is late. Trimet is really fucking me right now! 

bus 71 60th& Halsey stop to Foster. Two schedules buses a no show.  

: what's with the lack of trains during evening rush hour?  

Trimet problems! 

Really old little lady on the bus with a Coach brand purse. Cause old people have to have style too.  

I hope the man crossing against the light peed his pants when the MAX honked at him.  

Today, I am reminded why I don't depend on if I need to get somewhere in a timely fashion. 

Yea. The cops can do whatever they want. Fuck the bus.

more broken crap on veh 2134  

veh 2134 panel behind seat broken  

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