Thursday, October 25, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Yellow Line train has started detouring through the Bermuda Triangle on its way to Stop 13123
. We pay increase fares so that your drivers get insurance forever. Can you have them actually be courteous?? 

...this week has been full of late trains and broken trains. Get it together!! 

Thank You for the 35 being on time to the Rose Qtr today! Plus this driver is always so nice! 

Really, bus's, no wonder ther are hero's out there punching and shank'n can stop at this store an that, but not for passengers 

Just saw a delivery car run a red light into a Trimet train in front of collective agency.  

Nice trimet people> 

The wheels on the bus go round and round the crackheads ask for all my spare change  

This is the reason why on line 2034

These kids were passed up on line 2034 thanks to an overfilled bus

Feeling like a Cornetto. “: bus operator reports bunch of zombies at 5th and Davis”

Dear . Huh? The 9:19 @ King's Hill is on the tracker as a blue to Hillsboro & a red shows up! 

Trimet police are bitcheess

Crying kid on line 7707, bus 2825. Ugh. This bus ride will be a long one. 

Dude next to me on Blue Line is hacking up a kidney. Note to self: wash hands as soon as you get work.  

I swear Trimet must hold their job fairs at asshole conventions. 

I have to say it: I’m riding the Line 70 w/ one friendliest bus drivers I’ve ever encountered. That is all. 

: Whatever is holding MAX trains up weekday mornings needs to be fixed NOW. This is the 19th time in a month I've missed a transfer. 

: I swear every old guy at the bus stop is a pedophile” TRIMET IS GAY 

I'm on a big new bus. It feels weird. 

Trimet bus was either 10 minutes early, or is coming 20 minutes late.... gonna be late to school again..

Got on the MAX right as the doors were closing, old man said 'nice save!'  

thanks trimet trip planner LOL 

Trimet makes me want to take a hand sanitizer bath. Or a bleach shower. 

This fancy new trimet bus smells like embalming fluid. Happy Thursday. 

55 was a no show again! 

Sir can you please control your dog and get it off me. Please and thank you.  

the westbound ticket machine at goose hollow was not accepting cards this morning. 

...this week has been full of late trains and broken trains. Get it together!!

Sry fellow riders on max, didn't have time to clean up an make my bus, so say hello to working mans black greasy hands 

Fckk im ready to kill trimet drivers!!!!!!! This bus really nt showin up.... fml!! Im leaving 2 hrs early & still bouts to b late. Fckkkk 

# of days I've taken the max this month: 20 ; # of days I've paid for the max: 20 ; # of days a Trimet inspector has check my fair: 0 

": Rare video of a working ticket machine. " it's a fluke, they will replace it promptly 

": What happened to school buses? . " amen brother!!!! 

Convo with TriMet transit security Him: you take calculus? Me: ya . Him: how is that? Me: its really hard. Him: thats what I specialize in๐Ÿ˜ 

I think I just met the bitchiest Trimet bus driver ever.  

smoke your blunt, not mad at that, but in front of b @ TriMet Interstate/Rose Quarter MAX Station

So happy to be Mobile again. Trimet and I werent meant to be... no no no 

Holy cripes 15 (2701). When it's 55° outside, it doesn't need to be 80+ in the bus.

Good lord feels like what has been forever since I've had the misfortune to have such an obnoxious fellow rider on ... Seriously. 

You forgot the "service animals" & the people who think their phone is a ghetto blaster with amazing sound!  

the max stop on SW 6th & Madison seems to have adopted this error message as its slogan.  

why did my train have to smell like dirty socks and farts?  

Ha! I think of you every time I'm at 15th and broadway. Which is kind of a lot actually, because (shakes fist at Trimet). 

supervisor being 'productive'.

Oops. You better go get some duct tape, .

Seems like the Yellow Line train has started detouring through the Bermuda Triangle on its way to Stop 13123.

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Recruiting from Ass Hole job fairs...Now that is funny.